Help me!

I have x72 Plasma Blast codes, x6 Plasma Storm codes, x6 Plasma freeze codes

Willing to trade for these of equal value:

12 - Moltres 1st edition

Plasma Freeze:
117 - Shiny Empoleon
121 - Shiny Max Potion
122 - Shiny Ultra Ball

Plasma Blast:
30 - Kyurem EX
37 - Mesprit Holo
66 - Palkia EX
92 - G Booster Ace Spec
98 - Jirachi EX FA
99 - Dialga EX FA
100 - Palkia EX FA
101 - Iris FA
102 - Shiny Exeggcute
104 - Shiny Dusknoir
105 - Shiny Rare Candy

Hey funny man? I have a couple hundred of these code cards. What kind of value do they have? Are some worth more than others and why?

They are basically digital booster packs, so the newest sets have the more valuable code cards, but they are all pretty much worth $0.20-$0.50. The code cards that offer special things like avatar items or extra cards are worth more depending on what they give you.

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To clarify:

If it gives you an avatar item: you won’t sell it.
If it gives you a specific, meta-relevant card: It will likely go for more than the typical code.

Also, the staple value tends to be 30 cents per code, with bulk deals leaning towards 20 cents and the newest set sustaining an extremely brief value around 45 cents.

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Actually avatar items do sell. I sold my avatar codes fairly quickly for $1.30 each on ebay.

Oh yeah Gary, if you want to trade the codes for cards or sell them, let me know. I’ll try to an arrange a trade/sell for you. I just need to know how many of each you have.