Significant Other’s Card Collections

Hello everyone! My girlfriend really had/has no interest in pokemon, but she wanted to start her own collection of the ones she liked. She barely knows the names of any of these except for bulbasaur, cyndaquil, and Pikachu. I have heard here and there about other people on eFour who’s significant other’s don’t know anything about pokemon, but have decided to start collecting, and I wanted to see what their collections are like. How they choose pokemon, what their reasons are, who is their favorite. That type of stuff.

Feel free to just post/talk about your SO’s collections. I’m really interested to see how other people, boy or girl, choose to collect Pokémon without any/much prior knowledge or experience.

My girlfriends criteria are pretty simple. Cute(Pikachu, cyndaquil, etc.) or awesome(gyarados, Gengar mainly).

She loves bulbasaur, but only likes bulbasaur cards when he appears happy and smiling.

Anything cyndaquil is fair game, probably safe to say that cyndaquil is her favorite Pokémon even though Pikachu has more cards.

She has expensive taste hahaha! She always looks through my binders and asks for ONLY the most expensive cards, and I have to tell her no to all of them. Mind you, she has NO knowledge of the prices, she just sees them and loves the art. Kinda goes to prove why some cards are just more valuable than others.

She is starting to collect eeveelutions, but it’s a slow process, especially for ones like umbreon and espeon that tend to be fairly expensive. Her favorites seem to be glaceon and leafeon. I totally expected sylveon or eevee to be her #1 but I was wrong🤷‍♂️

Most other cards tend to be on the cute scale. Gengar maybe is the only other outlier.

What I love about her doing this is seeing the enjoyment she gets purely from finding cute art. She is actually quite proud of her collection and has even tried to show it off to one of her friends :face_holding_back_tears: Seeing her go through this process really helps me to appreciate some of the more common cards that I tend to overlook nowadays.


This is such a great topic lol and it makes me laugh just thinking of my SO’s collection. My girlfriend does enjoy pokemon a lot but she has no desire to really go hard into collecting anything, and honestly i respect the hell out of it. Shes happy with just random cards shell find while im busy really grinding out buying my own cards, so ill pick up some for her here and there whenever she asks. Her binders are filled with stuff i wouldnt even dream of being binder worthy, but seeing what shelikes to sleeve up makes me appreciate collecting more and more as it shows that anything can be enjoyable no matter its worth or what it is.

Id show off her binders but im kinda lazy and dont wanna take pics now, but i will show her prized possessions that she got from Baltimore:

Her favorite pokemon is piplup and then pretty much any baby pokemon :heart:


My girlfriend doesn’t collect cards, but we do share a collecting passion which is really fun in a relationship. We both collect vintage runway fashion pretty seriously and I consider myself really lucky to have someone who understands my collecting nature on a personal level. She and I both have our own designers/eras that we focus on but I have learned a ton more about the subject matter than I would have if I was just collecting these things solo.

It’s been fun to plan for and celebrate collecting wins when they come along for either of us. She or I might find a really rare piece at a very low price and it feels like a win for both of us. Sometimes we talk about starting our own vintage boutique or other fashion-related business after our careers have gotten stale and that is really fun to look forward to. I would love to have a small boutique out in the desert somewhere that is just full of the clothes we love.

Pokemon (and other TCGs) are my side collecting passions but I can feel very secure in knowing that she totally understands the passion we collectors feel for things because she is one herself.

Your post about someone starting out their collecting journey was really nice to read. She sounds like the kind of collector a lot of folks on this forum aspire to be honestly.
The only suggestion I’ll make is to dig around for some cute EX era reverses for her. Since she seems like a lot of early-stage pokemon. It’s a good way to find great looking holos of early stage pokemon that don’t normally make it into higher rarities/promos :blue_heart:


My girlfriend knows a decent amount about pokemon and she likes the games but doesnt have the collecting bug much. She liked what i was doing with my wailmer binder so ive helped her start one for her favorite pokemon. She has to step it up it seems! A lot of these came from collections i bought as extras she barely ever goes out of her way to find them on her own so its basically just me making this for her slowly.

Swinub has some cool cards though and the neo rev ones are pack freah from a box bulk collection i found so its pretty cool. Unfortunately swinub has 2 versions in skyridge and those reverses seem fairly expensive for something she isn’t super super into but ill find them for her one day.


My girlfriend got interested after seeing me open hidden fates. Since then we’ve just enjoyed opening modern together. She generally gets the better pulls between us two such as pulling the charizard vmax from a shiny star v booster box we opened. She generally enjoys opening up packs more than looking through her collection or getting specific cards.


Similar to Candle, my girlfriend and I enjoy collecting generally together, but she doesn’t collect Pokemon. She likes the Loungefly backpacks, and has thought about getting a Pokemon one.

She also likes (tolerates?) opening packs together. She always gets the good stuff, it’s kinda funny.


My girlfriend also doesn’t collect Pokémon, but she has developed a fascination with Calyrex, of all Pokémon. She likes his, “cute, stupid anime sock legs.”

I’ve started keeping Calyrex cards for her when I happen upon them.


Yep, it’s really fun for me to look through bulk at stores to try and find something that she will enjoy. I can tell she gets into it too because she kind of gets tunnel vision a little haha! That’s awesome that she was able to get those cards signed! I’m praying I can go to some of those events in the future :pray:

Definitely, I wish I could enjoy the commons as much as she does. I’ll keep the reverses in mind. Since I live in Japan, it’s just been all JP stuff. Ex era is definitely a good idea as the art is excellent all around. Dang, fashion can get pricey. It’s hard for me to understand, but I’m starting to get a grasp of it through my girlfriend as well. Japan GS a lot of boutique shops that sell high end stuff, so it’s easy for her to get distracted.

Yeah, that seems like how it starts. I just gave her more or less free reign of my extra binders for anything under $20 or so. After that, it’s little pieces here and there. She has a great time looking through bulk at shops with me though. It’s great walking out with a stack of cards that she is psyched about and it only costs like 300 yen🤣

This hits home man… I ALWAYS have the worst luck when opening packs with friends. Bought 8 eevee heroes boosters recently. Like 500 yen per pack, literally pulled absolutely nothing. Tbf, my girlfriend didn’t either :sweat_smile: 2 normal foils and both were the grass thing from SwSh that idk the name of.

Hahaha! What a way to describe the enjoyment of a Pokémon​:rofl::rofl: reminds me of why I like slowpoke, his adorably dumb face.


Based in Japan? Loads of great vintage shops at your fingertips!!! 2nd Street, Rinkan, and those are just some of the big names. I’d be a kid in a candy store if let loose in Japan

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My bf doesn’t collect cards but he likes to look at my cards and I often show him things I think he would like. He really wasn’t into Pokemon before but became interested as it’s such a huge part of my life. He’s from Brazil and I think Pokemon just wasn’t that big anymore during his childhood as we have a 5 year age gap which is probably why he didn’t know very much at first.

He’s bought 4 Pokemon plushes so far: Charmander, Eevee, Flareon and Alolan Vulpix (I wonder why :crazy_face: ). He wanted all those by himself without me saying anything about it so I’m proud about that. Oh and he got some Eeveelution charms as well and attached some of them on his backpack. I’m happy he’s enjoying Pokemon too even if he isn’t as much into it as I am. It helps a lot and the fact that he has genuine interest to know more about it makes me happy. We also play Pokemon Go together and it’s fun too as most of the time I’ve had nobody to play the game with over here.


Love this thread! My wife owns her own business and like some others SO here likes to collect in general. She has been so supportive of me in this hobby and has gone from not knowing more than 2 Pokemon to being willing to help me list cards on eBay and pregrade cards for PSA! Her “personal” collection is small, but she likes anything Slowpoke/Slowbro/Slowking and in general she likes the “dopey” Pokemon. We have also started getting the Special Delivery cards because she does so much mailing herself and really relates to them!


He sounds like a genuine fan to me! Those are great choices for plushies, I’m glad he went for the cute ones :+1: Also, always good to have the partner for the game as well. Kind of a side note off your mention of Pokémon go, but it’s impressive how much reach that game has. I see senior citizens here in Japan playing Pokémon go. It’s both awesome yet confusing.

Wow! That’s impressive! Her getting into the pre grading is one thing, but listing on eBay?! That is true love my friend :rofl: I hate listing on eBay :tired_face: Exquisite taste as well, the whole slow line is exceptional.


My girlfriend bought one box of champions path when i was violently ripping product looking for Charizord. She pulled it first thing she opened and that is her whole collection as of now lmao


Haha, she’s definitely a keeper! She sells on eBay and Etsy as part of her business so she just blows through listings like nothing. I’ve tried to convince her to just switch over to selling Pokemon instead of “real” vintage and antiques, but no luck so far. :joy:

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The delightful GF hosts my collection in her bookcases :heart_eyes:

Her favourite’s are bulbasaur series, followed by charizard.

I’m planning on getting her the joint venusaur / charizard from upcoming premium set.

She may get the other 2 charizard/venusaur joints in due course…


My SO has been busy with another project lately but he has a cute little collection. :relaxed:


@pentagon I find it interesting that bulbasaur is attracting several people who’ve little interest in pokemon. It’s nice to see bulbasaur line get some genuine affection. Not that everyone hates bulbasaur or anything, but we all know where he tends to fall in the trio :man_shrugging:

@needszeebs i know the pain man… pulling literally nothing to only be upped by the person standing next to you :expressionless:

@lookaclara wow! A “cute little collection” you say?! That is impressive to say the least! I aspire to have that many cards in my inventory someday.


My boyfriend has loved Pokemon since he was a kid, but he never collected the cards.

He is from Taiwan and he is younger than me. I’m guessing Pokemon cards weren’t getting printed in Chinese during the middle generations when he was growing up.

Anyway, he did collect tons of cute Pokemon figures/dolls when he was a kid. Here they are:


Haha it’s because he’s the actual collector in our relationship :') I am just along for the ride and collect cards with pretty art on the way!



So most of my collection is graded cameos.

However, I did pick up the 10 Eevee Evolutions Alt Arts from evolving skies.

However, the dear Girlfriend has now strongly suggested they would look nice graded and displayed…

The issue now is when they come back as a few 8’s and 9s :s