was does your partner think of collecting pokemon cards?

so i was wondering if there are people who collect cards with their SO or with a friend.

for me i’m collecting with my girlfriend for almost a year now

EDIT: what does your partner/friends think of you collecting

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Obviously I don’t wish any ill-will towards your relationship. But if you are collecting ‘with’ your partner (I assume sharing a collection) what happens if you break up?

i will get the Japanese cards and she will get the English cards

I don’t have girlfriend :ь
My parents think that I could buy something more useful, but still present cards on b-days and New Year.
Lots of my friends (I don’t count a lot of people as friends, through I see them everyday) collect/play/interested in Pokemon tcg.


I started back collecting right around the same time me and my gf started dating (almost two years ago). About a year ago, my collecting became a lot more “serious” and I dedicated a room for it. She doesn’t collect, but she tolerates my obsession and draws me pokemon pictures every so often :blush: she’s a keeper haha.

Also whenever I make a decent sale I take her out to dinner so she likes that :wink:


I mostly collect because of my dad. He collects baseball cards only now. We go to shows occasionally and help each other open packs and stuff. It is quite the obsession though. Just when you think you’re at your worst you turn over a whole new leaf of collecting prowess;)


She completely understands my fascination with documenting and compiling information. Pokemon card collecting is a facet of that part of me. So it makes sense to her.

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I built my book-publishing company by selling some of my Pokemon holdings, so my wife has been OK with it :blush:


Struggles to show interest at times but no dramas.

however we collected both, i’am way more dedicated also she only cares about the English sets and i’m more into Japanese. on a other note it does make a perfect team

I don’t really tell people about my hobby. I figure unless they have to know, no use telling them.

If I absolutely have to, I put it in terms of “Well this card is worth $200, and this one is $75, and this one is $130…” People seem to understand that.


Charizard helps pay the rent so bitch better get right or get out.


yeah well if i say that to people they always say: omg did u really pay that much for a piece of cardboard . so yeah…


I understand her spending, she understands mine.


My wife thinks its “cute” haha and she says im very organized. I Gave her a Full Art Mew that she keeps in a toploader in her purse. Surprisingly its still as Mint as the time I gave it to her, about a year ago.


Friends = Want to sit and play with everything in my room.

Girlfriend = Trips over boxes in my room, and calls me a D***head every morning for collecting. Says I waste too much time on this crap.


My boyfriend opens boxes of the new sets with me and we very infrequently play the game together, too. When I was obsessively trying to complete all of the English sets about two years ago, specifically the gold stars, I know there some “What the fuck?” on his part because I was dropping $50+ on single pieces of cardboard, but I’ve cooled down in that regard and so has he.

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Seeing how i’ve been single since I started collecting I can’t really give any input here other than I would think if you overdo it the SO would care quite a bit…

I think Pott’s has it right. They are likely to think, “How does this benefit me?” Make sure you do something special for them (like a great steak dinner) and blame it on your participation in the hobby. Plus Glenn built a business out of it which benefits his family.
Don’t let them feel like the hobby takes away too much time from them. If they look bored or sad put down the submission forms and spend time with them.

Draw them in somehow so they participate. Like M gave his wife that Mew and she treasures it enough to keep it in her purse at all times. Pott’s wife draws Pokemon.

They simply want to be included, even in a minor way, and that’s your job to make them feel that way. Now if they have their own collectible interest, participate and show interest in theirs. If they love and collect Sailor Moon buy them something like the art book ‘Infinity’ :wink: Sam shares the whole gathering experience with his dad…quality time.

I guess it comes down to us. How we handle it will affect the result and everybody here is more than capable of turning their obsession into a positive experience for all.