Should I Grade...?

Normally I don’t have any issues deciding what to grade and what not to grade, but this time I’m torn.

So, I have a complete M/NM Japanese Base through Neo holo set (minus the Shinings) and I can’t decide whether to keep them in a binder or have them all PSA graded. I’m confident that most will grade in the 9-10 range. With the quarterly special, the grading costs come out to about $1400. What would you all do?

Thanks! :blush:

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Aloha! :blush: I felt the exact same way and the same type of debates and ultimately it is what your goal is. It is definitely nice to take advantage of the specials. I decided to get away from binders unless it is a set I really want in a binder but if they will grade high and have permanent protection, why not? Is it all for keep sake or do you plan on selling some? I am a huge Japanese collector myself and I think the cards are better quality and look better than English, the only downfall is less value (but I usually keep them for myself anyways). Let us know what you decide :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! :blush: Definitely keeping them for myself if I decide to grade. The binder is okay, but I just think it’d be neat to have them all graded. An entire Base through Neo graded set would be a cool accomplishment.

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First you said M/NM (which is 8 quality) then you said they’d grade 9s and 10s. Whichever is true makes a difference on what I’d advise. I wouldn’t spend 1400.00 on “NM/M”. I’d probably only grade potential 10s anyway though.

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Thanks so much for your input, Gary! :blush:

Most of the cards are 9’s IMO with some 10’s and some 8’s. Definitely misused the NM/M designation, sorry about that.

Grading just the potential 10’s is definitely a good idea. One on hand, I’d hate to break up the binder, but money-wise I think it’s the smarter choice. Tough call. I’ll post here what I decide to do. Guess I’ll know by end of month.

If you are going to keep them grade them!