Short Term and Long Term Goals

Short term: Finish PSA 10 fossil and jungle 1st edition holo sets.

After that I’m not really sure, maybe I’ll finish the crystals.

Long term is keep buying 1st edition booster boxes.

Next few months: PSA 9 Shadowless Chansey/PSA 9 Shadowless Charizard

This year: Base Set booster box OR 3 1st Edition Base packs

Any time: As many sealed Shadowless booster packs as possible. As many Pop Series 5 packs as possible.

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Short term:

  1. PSA 8 Shadowless holo set. I have 3 cards so far.
  2. While doing that - research, organize and catalog my other collection goals so that I can choose the next one appropriately.

Long term:

  1. Have fun collecting and share the experience with my son.

Short term:

  • Complete PSA 9 Jungle, Fossil 1st ed
  • PSA 9 Neo Genesis holos 1st ed
  • PSA 10 2002 JR Rally promo

Long term:

  • Every 1st ed WOTC holo in PSA 9
  • PSA 9 Masaki promos

Short term: Be the very best

Long term: Like no one ever was


Short term: That next PSA 10 1st Base Charizard.

Long Term: EVERY PSA 10 1st Base CharizardL


Short term: PSA 10 fossil unlimited holos (1 to go)
: Jungle unlimited box

Long term: complete my psa 9 1st edition base set, slow progress :grimacing:


Short term: Just get some of my damn raw cards graded… PSA backup, why?!

Long term: PSA 9 1st Edition Base Set Charizard!

Short term: PSA 8 shadowless holo set

Long term: PSA 10 rocket holo set + a few of my favorite cards in PSA 9+ from each WOTC set

Short term: Get the old Japanese promos I couldn’t get as a kid, I’m at 90% +/- completion, mostly because I juggle between Magic the Gathering and Pokemon.

Long term: Collect older promos I’m missing along with new ones I fancy, trophies are something I might fancy when I’m making a 6 figure salary, so maybe in the near future.

Short term: buy a psa 7+ 1st ed zard

Long term: finish off my graded 1st ed base set and my shiny pokemon goal.

Short term: Finish my spreadsheet of all the English cards I would like to eventually own from all sets. I’ve currently worked through the Neo series to Majestic Dawn in the Diamond and Pearl era. I’ll buy around $40 of cards from this list on a weekly basis.

Long Term: Buy a booster box just to open. If Shining Legends had been in booster box form, I would have gotten that. I’m not really interested in collecting current product outside of that set so I’ll have to wait for another set that excites me. I’d just like to experience the thrill of opening 36 packs.

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My only goal right now, short or long, is to obtain a PSA 10 crystal Lugia. Most beautiful Pokémon card imo, and I only discovered it late last year, but it’s not in the budget currently

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Short term: Complete 75% of my Bulbasaur collection

Mid term: Complete every Dutch printed WotC set

Long term: Complete every Dutch 1st edition set

Short Term: Shining Charizard 1st Edition Neo Destiny PSA 10

Mid Term: Complete Delta Species Master Holofoil Set PSA 10

Long Term: Primes PSA 10


Short term: Collect every commons and uncommon card for English sets in regular and unlimited print. (NM/M condition)

Long term: Collect every English master set w/ variants. Main set and hopefully promo. (NM/M condition)

Lol even short term will take a long time.

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Long Term: 1st Ed. PSA 10 Charizard, PSA 10 Rayquaza GS, PSA 10 Crystal Celebi

1 down, 2 more to go : (

Short Term: Complete PSA 10 Crystal and 1st Ed. Shinings set
Medium Term: Complete NM/Mint 1st Ed. Base Set and obtain every old ex card
Long Term: PSA 10 1st Ed. Base Charizard, Snap Chansey


Short Term Goal: Complete as many D&P, Plat, & HGSS Sets as I can.

Long Term Goal: PSA 9 Gold Stars, PSA 9 Shadowless Holo Set, PSA 10 ToysRUs Stamped Promos


Short Term: Finish the Gold Star set in PSA 9 (need 2 more), finish my Legend Maker set (psa 10 of the exs and psa 9 of secret rare, prerelease, regional, and gym promos)

Long Term: Delta Species all holo PSA 9 (10 to go), championship Arena, and eventually all old school exs psa 9

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