Shogakukan Magazine Promo Prices

Okay so I recently purchased these promos unpeeled:

LaRousse’s Munchlax
Aura’s Lucario
Brock’s Mudkip

And I’m wanting to sell them but I have no idea how to price them. I think they’re pretty rare sealed, but that’s just an assumption since I’ve never seen them sealed personally.


Soooo… any thoughts folks? ^^;;

Are you willing to say what you paid for them as a lot?

Yeah :open_mouth: why do you ask?

Because that affects the price yeah? Not going to tell you to sell them for $5 a piece if they cost you $10 if you know what I mean.

Pretty niche, maybe triple raw card value?

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XD; Well, I wasn’t planning to sell them for a ton of money, but I at least want to get what they’re worth. My innitial thought was about $20 each, but I honestly have no idea.

They are sealed after all, and I remember paying about that much for my unpeeled Mew back in the day I got it -shrug-

Thinking AU;

Beldum $15
Lucario $45
Marshtomp $21
Munchlax $18
Mudkip $45

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Auction style starting bid 20.00!


omg XD;;

Too bad selling isn’t allowed here anymore :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I’ll let everyone know once they arrive. Please let me know any further thoughts on the cards and what you’d value them at.

They’re the type of cards that don’t really auction well - more of a buy it now sitter. Will likely sell eventually if priced right and you’re one of the few that have it up, but it’ll take a while.

For example, I listed a few random promos like that with 99c starting bid (one of them was the Larousse Munchlax) and most just sold for the minimum bid or a few cents over…not really what I was hoping for. Granted, mine was not sealed, I wouldn’t expect to get too much in that way. I also auctioned the Shogakukan Mew and got about $4 for it (the lowest one listed of two up was $39.99, to give you a gauge). If you don’t want to sit on them for two years, I’d say put them up for $9.99 each buy it now and they’ll sell eventually. Definitely don’t go the auction route unless you plan to basically give them away.

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Gotcha, thanks for the tips :blush:

Cards arrived in beautiful condition!

Contact me for trades and or purchase. :blush:

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