Need Prices on BW/LP Promos


Iv recently made a purchase and a guy has said he has other cards he wants to sell so he can get rid of his collection. I just need a rough idea what these would be worth if anything. All cards are mint if not nr mint-mint at minimum.

Here’s the photobucket account with all the pictures -

Any help is appreciated.

Any one?

You have some rarer promos near the end with some T-Shirt Promos. Like the Oshawott and them go for around $15-20 each… They are Uniqlo Promos iirc. Then you have the Pikachus from the different centers that can go for like $5 a piece… etc… A lot of newer stuff, depends how cheap you can get it though… These will take time to sell though

The lottery promo will always sell well. (Around $25-$30 each)
And the virizion, coballion, terrakion promos go for around $30-$45 each