Natta Wake Promos

What would be a good price for all 4 Natta Wake’s in Mint shipped to my door? I love the artwork on these and am thinking of buying the set.
Thanks :wink:

Thanks lol for letting me know there are 6. And I am talking sealed, with the books.

I’d like to buy the birthday Pikachu if it isn’t totally obscenely expensive (for what it is - unless it really has become super rare for some reason?)

haha no it hasn’t there is that person on ebay who has had it up above $200 and I sent them a message with the auction ending on jimmy humes site at $50 something for all 6, and the person told me that was them who won all 6 at $50-60 and listed the pikachu at $250.

Anywho, it is $35 average, the natta wakes are awsome promos by the way love the illustrations.

So 35 a piece, you mean. So like 210 for em all. Not a bad price. Not at all.

No no maybe $100 for all, actually $80. Natta wake average is $10 sometimes less. The pika is usually $35, but the others can be purchased on a few sites at $10 average each.

ya i could hook up with the volume 3 jynx and volume 4 sunkern for $7.50 each, without the magazine, but still sealed in the original magazine insert envelope.

Oh wow even better! Thanks guys! I might be interested in the cards without the mags as long as theyre still sealed and stuff.

Can anyone who has any Natta Wake promos help me out…

Are the 6 cards glossy or non-glossy? I hate the glossy finish so I’m praying these are non-glossy since the artworks are really well-done.

Thanks in advance.

I have many of the books and several book sets. It’s extremely rare to find all 6 books with all the cards still sealed inside. I put one set on eBay and have sold three sets off that listing off auction. I’d lower the price if a couple other sets hit eBay but I haven’t seen another in a couple years.

what do you mean by “extremely rare to find”? or better, what is their worth? I have a set of all 6 with sealed cards

If anyone in the future is interested; the 1st Natta Wake card (Mankey) is glossy, the subsequent 5 (Jynx, Psyduck, Hoppip, Sunkern, Pikachu) are non-glossy. The insert that Mankey came in is shaped differently than the other 5; inside instead of a plain non-glossy card, there’s a small piece of card paper from which the Mankey may be peeled off of.

I thought it was fascinating how they changed all subsequent cards.

I can’t remember what my 6 books are listed for right now but I think the retail value should be in the 300 to 500 range.

Interesting how we just discussed this set of books last night and this morning they sold:) 323.00 plus shipping which is a fair price sold in one lot.
If anybody ever sees this 6 book lot up again please let me know:)

Hmmm maybe I should ask for more for my set

You should lol. Next time I wanna sell something ill you post something:)