Shining Zard psa 10 vs Blaines Charizard 1st ed psa 10

First post :blush: Hi guys.
As the titles says,
Im in possesion of a 2002 shining zard that I got for quite cheap but I’m considering trading for a Blaines Charizard 1st same grade. Would you guys think thats a good trade and which has more potential in the long run. I’ve been advised on some facebook groups to ask for more. What are your thoughts?


You’re talking unlimited shining Charizard, correct? That’s tough as both are two of the most iconic Charizards outside of base.

Best to go with what you like the most.

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Yea unlimited.
I like the blaines artwork better as well as it having the 1st stamp. But the shining is obviously a shiny card and I’m fond of the triple black star so I’m unsure.

I feel any suggestion here on growth/investment potential would be mostly a guess, which is why I suggest going with what you like the most. Neo destiny is one of the rarest sets, even unlimited, plus it’s a shining and it’s charizard and it’s PSA 10.

But like you said, the Blaine’s Charizard has the 1st edition stamp, which is always going to be sought after.

I don’t think you can make a bad decision in this instance.


Up to you but I’d prefer the Blaine’s.

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You seem to have already made up your mind, but personally I would have both… unless you can’t afford $500 or possibly even less for Blaine’s Zard.

I prefer the artwork on Blaine’s Zard, but from what I’m seeing the Neo sets are wayyy more in demand than Gym.

Just for reference, I was really close to spending $800 on a Shining Zard last year. Blaine was like $450. That’s why I was a bit surprised to see you offer that trade. The 9s go for $300… That $500-600 on the 10s will only last for so long.

That being said, I haven’t seen your card… Maybe it’s a very soft 10. You said you got a great deal. I would still go for both!


Not possible for me in the short term as im saving for a 1st edition base at the moment. Appreciate your value insight but for me the artwork on blaines is superior and i can accept a minor loss. Maybe longer term i will buy back the shining or even upgrade to a shining first.


Fair enough. Shining 1st is indeed a better option on the long run. You shouldn’t have much trouble trading or just selling your card to buy a Blaine’s 1st. :blush:


So I just looked up some things. It looks like there is a few more psa 10 copies of Blaine’s Zard than there are of the shining Zard so yours is rarer for the moment. There’s a bit of a broad range spectrum on blaines zard. For example I bought a copy for 499.95 a few weeks ago. But then one sold at a pwcc auction for 615 like last week. Cheapest one for sale right now is 600. Cheapest one for sale for shining zard is 500($30 shipping though.) I think they might be worth around the same.

Having said that, I’m a bit of a blaine fanboy and i have five copies of his charizard psa 10. Only way I’d sell one is if someone wants to buy the whole gym challenge set from me next year. So there’s technically less blaines zards available if my 2% share on it makes any difference ha

I’ve sold both for nearly identical prices recently

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What prices? Got any more?

What? Since when was blaine’s charizard more iconic than dark charizard.

1-1.1k AUD each

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When did I say that?

Two of the most iconic Charizards. I didn’t say the “two most”…

Terribly hard decision if you are talking about how the two cards will perform investment wise, but I will go with shining charizard just because it is shining :stuck_out_tongue: like what @teraz said just go with what you like more!

*Why not have both though since if you continue collecting (if it’s for personal collection) at some point you will want the other card again :blush:

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True. Rage and emotion overtook comprehension.

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Wow that’s a lot! Good.on ya!

To build on this, I wonder which is more iconic. Dark Charizard DID come out first. Artwork is pretty legit. However, there are more psa 10 copies of the 1st edition dark charizard. And the hp isn’t as high so idk if plyability becomes a factor. That being said, I have a dark zard as well and i love him

Let’s do a poll :wink: I think dark charizard would Our honorable president blaine’s but I could be wrong.

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I vote Blaine’s. Alright 1 to 1. Things are heatin up!