Shining Magikarp + Gyarados

Someone has offered me €100 (=$120) for my shining Magikarp + shining Gyarados.
Both are in mint condition.
Should I take the offer or try to be more patient?
When it comes to eBay, I try to get the most I can since both Paypal and eBay take their ‘fair’ share.

I’d take it - I personally bought both of those cards on eBay a month or two ago for only $10 a piece. They’re definitely worth more than that generally, but not $60 USD each - unless first edition, Gyarados is worth maybe half that at best, and Magikarp even less.

This question very much so depends if they’re English or Japanese…
I will presume they’re Japanese so I would personally wait, unless you could do with the money right now.

If they’re Japanese the price is on the high end. It’s certainly no mediocre offer but if you really want to wait you can do better. You can always also counteroffer.

Forgot to mention they’re Japanese!
I’ve done some countering and this was the highest he would go.

Oh, you’ll probably want to ignore me then, I was talking about the English versions in my last post. :blush:

yeah, I thought so since you mentioned 1st edition. :stuck_out_tongue: