Shining Legends Price Rise?


Ive been looking into purchasing some Shining Legends Booster packs as they seem to be a fairly hard to purchase for a good price on their own.

I can buy them at £3.70-£3.90 each from an online supplier. I would be looking to buy around 100 of them (25 each artwork).

Whats everyones thoughts on them becoming a valuable item in the future? As it seems to be in order to obtain these packs you need to buy an Elite Trainer Box or a Collection box just to get them at a good price. Knowing Ebays cheapest pack currently sits at £6.99 it seems they could be a sought after item?

Any input would be great, so thanks in advance!


Probably one of the best sets to put money into in terms of modern product. That’s not saying much though.

There are so many better options if you’re looking to get a return. I’d look to things released before the XY era personally.


In the future I think that the packs will hold value… how much is the real question, we’ll have to wait and see. The fact that Shining Legends doesn’t have a standard release helps it though. No booster boxes or single booster packs on shelves, only select boxes contain it.

I personally can’t recommend investing in any modern TCG product if we’re being honest. I understand that it seems tempting because prices are cheap right now, but don’t do it. Save up your money and invest in older WOTC cards/product if you really want to invest in the hobby.

Inb4 shining ray is 20+



I’m honestly feeling Dragons Exalted tbh.

It has a better shining Ray.

Honestly I don’t know the market outside of the US very well, besides that it is way more expensive! Like I literally can buy these at $3 USD per pack, if I just wanted to get a single one.

Pretty much I’m not sure how easy it will be to move product at a profit, even long term, if you buy these. Besides, many people are keeping sealed product now, especially with the deals going around. I know a wholesaler that still occasionally has some mythical collection boxes for $9 usd, and I could negotiate a bulk order… even at that price, there are probably better investments, considering the cost to ship these and the save they take. Even for me selling single packs, it would have to be bubble mailers , the time and margins are not worth it imo

I think im going to take all your advice and hold out on buying the packs & will start to look in to the older generations cards instead. I thought about investing my money in some Goldstar & Crystal cards. Purely because theres always a market for them & they are awesome looking cards!

Thanks for all your messages!

The Raichu GX premium collection box came out within the last week, too.

PokeBeach confirmed it earlier so it is legit. At this rate I think we’ll see Shining Legends until its one year release anniversary this coming October, a full year.