Shadowless PSA 10 Prices - Full Holo Set?

**Looking at previous sold listings I have put together some prices for 7 cards.

Can anyone help with the remaining 9?

Alakazam - ?
Blastoise - ?
Chansey - ?**
Charizard - $11,000
Clefairy - ?
Gyarados - $1000
Hitmonchan - ?
Machamp - $1300
Magneton - $1000
Mewtwo - $1000
Nidoking - $950
**Ninetales - ?

  • ?
    Raichu - ?
    Venusaur - ?**
    Zapdos -$1000

Imo. Based off what others have sold for (publicly/privately), and what I’d ask for mine personally.

Alakazam - $1250+
Blastoise - $3500+ (Confirmed private sale)
Chansey - $4000+ (confirmed private sale)
Charizard - $15,000 (Pretty sure I could get this if listed on eBay)
Clefairy - $1250+
Gyarados - $1250
Hitmonchan - $1250+
Machamp - $1300
Magneton - $1250
Mewtwo - $1250
Nidoking - $1000+
Ninetales - $1000+
Poliwrath - $1250+
Raichu - $4000 (confirmed private sale)
Venusaur - $1000 (has been going lower, but I think it’s undervalued)
Zapdos - $1250

The more common ones (Mewtwo, zapdos, etc) have been selling for $900-$1000 easy, either same day or same week. With that being said, I wouldn’t value them at $1000 anymore as that seems to be a quick sale price. The uncommons (Poliwrath, Alakazam) I put $1250+ since that’s a low and who knows how much they could actually reach.


Poor Venusaur. It’s one of my favorite cards.

This set is really overlooked and these cards are hard to find. I have trouble finding cards like Chansey and Raichu in 9… lol

It’s really worth what someone will be willing to pay. I think a lot of the cards that don’t pop up too often can bring $2000 easy.

Alakazam is like pop 15, I think, which is on the lower end even for this set. It’s also a very popular species in general.
If one ever came on the market I think it would hit $3000+ easily.
Of course you never know since these cards are so darn scarce! :blush:

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This is one of the things going against a shadowless PSA 10: very few sales to create sufficient data and confidence in the market, both for sellers and buyers. I think those with shadowless cards think they are worth a lot, while buyers are skeptical.

I would generally agree that the shadowless PSA 10 is undervalued. I would really like to see these cards closer in value to the 1st ed PSA 10 counterparts, which are generally selling between $2500-$3500. Yes, a few cards in the shadowless set are already above their 1st ed counterparts. Again, using Magic’s Alpha and Beta set as benchmarks for future growth projection, we should be confident that holding/buying shadowless cards will be a sound investment on par with 1st edition cards.


In honestly, it’s fine with me if Venusaur shadowless is undervalued. I’ll buy them all day at that undervalued price. Eventually people will see the value. Only reason for there drop in price is because a few have shown on the market recently and that’s why sales price has gone down a bit. It wont last, especially when they can’t find them on the market anymore due to long term collector’s buying them all. When that happens the demand will slowly climbs and so will price value

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the pokebutler received 5k offers for blastoise within hours of his post on Instagram. Note: I sold mine for 3400 2 months ago to a member here


I would definitely buy at that price… That’s the same price as the lower end holos, it doesn’t make sense.

This thread is very interesting, I cannot afford the full 10 holo set so I’m going for the 9s but I have a better idea of what to look for when it comes to 10s. Someone list a $999 Venusaur pls? :grin:

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I shouldn’t have passed on this. But I didn’t have the funds at that time. :slightly_frowning_face:


Wow, that’s the price of 1st ed PSA 10’s!

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I wouldn’t feel bad man. I was another bidding on that private sale. I was willing to offer alot more than what the final sale ended at but events work in funny ways. Won’t disclose the fine details out of respect to the seller. In the end you win some and you lose some. Didnt come off as a complete loss though, now using that money to go to Japan next month :blush:.


We are not quite there yet. The Blastoise is $8000+… but yes Shadowless prices are starting to adjust up and it’s well deserved. Sucks for new collectors like me though. I don’t even want to hear how much you guys paid for most of the cards back in the day. lol

It’s very interesting to see Venusaur so undervalued, I believe I saw one sell last week for $560 on ebay. Extremely undervalued in my opinion when compared to a lesser popular Nidoking which I know sold for $900 back in August.

$8000 for the 1st ed 10 stoise? where did you get that price? didn’t pwcc sell the last one for 6200?

yeah venusaur is the most undervalued I sold two for 600 3 months ago. but again that was when shadowless were going for under 1k. I wouldn’t worry guys and still say shadowless is really undervalued that much anymore I mean they have all atleast doubled in price since back 4 months ago so if anything the set is doing very well above average. I mean think about it…4 months ago I could easily find them under 1k not all of them of course but the more common ones I used to buy around 500 average. of course thats not including the rarer ones. the charizard you could buy easily at 4k and now lol forget about it that Zard has had even more growth than the 1st ed in less time! in my opinion the only card undervalued In the set is venusaur.

Exactly the reason to buy now. It won’t remain undervalued for long. It’s one of the 3 first gen starter pokemon. People will realize it’s worth once the market has been wiped out and you can’t find them any more.

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Venusaur never really got alot of love even in 1st gen pokemon game. which I always found silly. I always loved venusaur. He alone could destroy the 1st 3 gym leaders no problem and by the time you get to the 4th gym you just grab yourself a Growlithe before heading to erika or any other grass destroyer. Speed run venusaur all the way through 1st gen.

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There’s a clefairy on eBay auction that’ll help gauge the price

$560? What?

What’s going on is the market hasn’t quite adjusted yet for both buyers and sellers. There’s just not much sales data. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Chansey/Raichu at $1000 on ebay… or an underpriced Blastoise. Crossing fingers. lol

@chris350dx link

I don’t know if that was best offer or not. Also another one sold for $7350.

hopefully another raichu sale can be confirmed soon. one is going to be for sale soon ive heard. not mine unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face: