How about those PSA 9 1st ed holos??

On August 31st 2017 I made a post which showed the cheapest (therefore may slightly underrepresent past market price)sale price of all PSA 9 1st ed holos that were visible on the eBay completed sales search. Let’s compare these to prices we see today. (All prices according to!)

  1. Alakazam $300
    Lowest sale in last 3 months: $400 (Sept 15)
    Last 3 sales: $440 (Nov 4), $450 (Nov 10), $600 (Nov 12)

  2. Blastoise $627
    Lowest sale in last 3 months: $600 (Aug 16)
    Last 3 sales: $1500 (Oct 29), $1526 (Oct 29), $1000 (Nov 8)

  3. Chansey $232
    Lowest sale in last 3 months: $255 (Aug 16)
    Last 3 sales: $390 (Oct 26), $485 (Oct 29), $522 (Oct 31)

  4. Charizard $2250
    Lowest sale in last 3 months: $3200 (Aug 27)
    Last 3 sales: $6098 (Oct 29), $5490 (Nov 5), $5917 (Nov 5)

  5. Clefairy $223
    Lowest sale in last 3 months: $232 (Aug 22)
    Last 3 sales: $425 (Oct 15), $425 (Oct 29), $350 (Oct 31)

  6. Gyarados -
    Lowest sale in last 3 months: $399 (Aug 20)
    Last 3 sales: $450 (Sept 27), $440 (Oct 2), $613 (Nov 13)

  7. Hitmonchan $265
    Lowest sale in last 3 months: $300 (Sept 8)
    Last 3 sales: $379 (Oct 24), $380 (Oct 27), $500 (Nov 11)

  8. Machamp $81
    Lowest sale in last 3 months: $120 (Sept 7)
    Last 3 sales: $155 (Oct 16), $400 (Nov 07, why???), $175 (Nov 7)

  9. Magneton $265
    Lowest sale in last 3 months: $242 (Sept 18)
    Last 3 sales: $406 (Oct 23), $375 (Oct 25), $355 (Nov 9)

  10. Mewtwo $410
    Lowest sale in last 3 months: $425 (Sept 29)
    Last 3 sales: $750 (Nov 9), $689 (Nov 10), $750 (Nov 10)

  11. Nidoking $211
    Lowest sale in last 3 months: $276 (Aug 28)
    Last 3 sales: $350 (Nov 9), $406 (Oct 23), $420 (Nov 8)

  12. Ninetales $305
    Lowest sale in last 3 months: $425 (Aug 24)
    Last 3 sales: $446 (Nov 9), $465 (Oct 23), $510 (Nov 13, today!)

  13. Poliwrath $219
    Lowest sale in last 3 months: $275 (Aug 28)
    Last 3 sales: $500 (Oct 23), $330 (Oct 23), $410 (Nov 5)

  14. Raichu $260
    Lowest sale in last 3 months: $340 (Sep 20)
    Last 3 sales: $485 (Oct 25), $529 (Nov 4), $456 (Nov 11)

  15. Venusaur $440
    Lowest sale in last 3 months: $500 (Sep 8)
    Last 3 sales: $785 (Oct 29), $705 (Oct 31), $1000 (Nov 12, !!!)

  16. Zapdos $228
    Lowest sale in last 3 months: $289 (Aug 30)
    Last 3 sales: $372 (Oct 29), $373 (Nov 5), $375 (Nov 10)

Obviously there’s a possibility I missed some sales, just wanted to capture the general trend. The last two months have been really crazy for these cards. Everyone’s talking about the charizard but take a look at some of the others. Blastoise and Venusaur in particular have had some crazy growth. Mewtwo, Raichu, Nidoking, Chansey have sold for nearly double what they were a few months ago!

Although there’s growth across the board, I think you’ll start a bit of a jump in the lower priced holos (Clefairy, Magneton, Zapdos, Poliwrath) in the coming few weeks. Looking forward to seeing where these cards will be in the next few months…


Good job pfm.

If you’d like a couple private sale numbers from November, let me know.


I would never say no to data, especially secret data :open_mouth:


Because his services are just that great:

Funny enough I had guy message me a few days ago telling me how much of an idiot I was for not using a cosigner. Told me I would make more money… My response was pretty simple, I don’t need to pay someone else 10% to sell cards cheaper than I.

Great work Pkmn, I love this type of stuff.



Edit: Also, I bought the cheap Clefairy on Oct 20 but the seller canceled the same day.


Good eye, looks like I failed to add Gyarados to my original post in August too. Added Gyarados and removed the cancelled Clefairy sale.

I don’t really understand why this sold for 900 USD while there’s 2 copies for much less on Ebay.
Isn’t Pokemonplace a member on here? maybe he can confirm iif legitimate


Bought and paid for.


Bizarre, there’s 2 listed for $300 less and they don’t really look much worse. Wonder if those listings will change real fast :ninja:

The sale is probably due to some secret sauce @cullers uses but I’m going to pretend I’m right here. Just call me nostradamus :sunglasses:

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That’s correct.

Though a lot of people only buy from certain respected dealers, or US only or whatever. This happens all day. I remember when pokemonrevolution sold a Shadowless 8 for $799 while there was 2 other on the market for weeks in the $600 range.

Still, that Zapdos sold at nearly 2.5× past sales. I’m just wondering how many grams of cocaine cullers ships with his cards :wink:

True, plus it was a weak 9 as well.

That Machamp too… Screw pwcc. @cullers you should run a consignment business.


I tried to bid on that Gyarados which sold for $610. I did not get it. It looks like many cards are heading towards 500+. At least Machamp will still be below 200 for a bit. Why is Mewtwo selling for so much? Is it because of the recent PWCC PSA 10 sale?

With regards to the Mewtwo, it was the last holo I needed and it felt like someone is conspiring to drain my bank account for it. The sale on Nov 10 was actually the one I purchased. I can’t say exactly why there was such a rapid spike. I think a drought of cheap copies combined with a few higher confirmed sales really pushed people that really wanted the card to dish out a little extra.

Now that I own a copy I hope this new price-point stabilizes or continues to trend upward. Looks like another copy sold for $730 on the 14th so it’s some further evidence that the new established prices is >$700

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that’s funny, Mewtwo was the final card of my PSA 8 set and I felt the same way (paid $400). I didn’t see one for sale for at least a couple weeks. At the time (few months ago) I felt I was overpaying, but being the last card for my set I didn’t mind. It looks like that’s a pretty reasonable price now.

You did it! Congrats man. Just think in 3-4 months you’ll be looking back at what you paid very gladly and be thanking the today version of you for splashing out that money.

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A 1st edition raichu just sold yesterday at auction for $430 including shipping. It appeared to be mint but pictures don’t reveal everything. I guess to some people $430 is pocket change and the chance at a 10 may be worth it but I can’t imagine spending PSA 9 money on a loose card.

That was sold by a member here. I agree some people pay a bit much on raw cards, but in this case it went just under PSA 9 value. Can’t really argue with that price. Other than the scratches on the holo, I can’t spot anything wrong with the card. It’s well centered and the back is flawless.

Then again, I recently bought a psa 8 card which is flawless other than 2 factory lines on the holo, so good luck to whoever bought this. It looks mint, but it might get 8-8.5.

I also wouldn’t pay top dollar on raw cards, but there’s hundreds of people that do. :blush: