Shadowless Booster box

I have always wondered if there is a way to tell if a Base Booster Box is shadowless without opening it up? I thought I heard of a way to awhile back but can’t remember.

I believe you can tell if it is shadow-less if it has a green winged Charizard on the side and the Venusaur minus the green swirl in the background (Just solid blue). I have also heard that if it lacks the wizards logo covering the entire cellophane wrap it could also be shadow-less. But I have never really collected booster boxes so I may be wrong. If anything if you can try to peer through the gap where you open it to remove the packs. If you see any indication of the “trading card game” under the logo then they are just regular unlimited.

If that is your exact box you posted an image of it would appear to be an unlimited box :confused:

Thanks Mike! I never knew for sure. And yes mine is unlimited, but I was considering buying a shadowless one but am worried it is falsely advertised.

Those are always hard to look for. Even though the box may have signs of being shadow-less, the packs inside can still be unlimited. Its pretty much crapshoot unless you open the box to find out. :confused:

there are 2 ways

1.has no WotC logo on wrapping the venusaur has no green high lights and the charizard is the artwork of the card.

2.HAS the wotc logo on wrapping and the same as the 1st one.

but the thing is there are like 3 or more versions of the shadowless booster boxes from what i have opened and seen can tell if the boosters are shadowless but putting ur finger where the box cover bends and if you can see inside it if the TCG logo is on the top its unlimited and if its not its shadowless.

Thanks Lugia that is very helpful :blush: I am probably going to tear into this unlimited one tomorrow, maybe send a few to psa and get some hopeful gem mints in return :blush:

no problem anytime.i’ve always gone researching about base set shadowless boxes due to my encounter with one 2 years ago when i brought it for 60 dollars.but the very very rare odd thing was in all the boosters my last 3 cards were 1st edition lol.then i noticed there were other versions as well so it got me wondering at least 3-5 prints of different shadowless boxes

So this should be shadowless?

yep thats a shadowless box without a doubt.the green wigned charizard and the venusaur without the green highlights in the back.even the top of the box with the big pokemon logo and the type symbol tells it.

Nice! I like the look of it, it looks super old! I don’t like the look of the price though :blush:

The current bid is cheap!

People are generally looking for over $1000 for them (I think that’s way too much) so I reckon you could turn a profit if you got it for less

there were sellers looking to sell it for 350 awhile back with no bids.

I remember that! There was a 1st edition box that went for $950 around that time (about a year ago). Now people are expecting thousands for 1st edition boxes :slightly_smiling_face:

I think Pokemon collecting is becoming very “fashion” driven. There was a time when shadowless boxes were all the rage and everyone wanted to know the value of theirs. (One numpty on Pokegym was insisting they will not sell unless they were offerred thousands and everyone now thinks thats the value).

The other fad I’m aware of at the moment are VS or e-era cards. I’ve had offers on cards which were ridiculous, but I thought I’d be nice and point them to a cheaper alternative…

Yes I think there is a lot of truth in that! I have seen prices spike, plummet, spike, super spike, spike bomb! I saw a 1st edition base box on an auction site up for $11,000 and I was like are you kidding me, but apparently some buyers are shelling out a thousand or two for a sealed 1st edition base box.

the VS era cards i love on how the popularity grew for them since before people didnt give a care then when some people started showing some of them the rage went on for them.hell a box of VS cards goes for about 150+ without shipping and the red/blue one will go to the near 300 if lucky since of the rarity for it.

I have to say lugia, thanks for alerting me to the whole YouTube side of collectors and the vs fad… I forget because of UPCCC that most collectors aren’t experienced to the extent most are here!

anytime i do the best i can spreading japanese cards to the fullest.most people consider me a guide on youtube for japanese card collecting since i’m one of the few that knows about cards.

but you guys i can tell have more advance knowledge about them since there are some cards i never even knew about lol.but the VS trend i would say started with prguitarman showing his box and then from there on i found mines and boom after a few months people were going nuts for these cards.