Shadowless booster box?

Hey guys.

First off, this is my first post on here so I apologize if this isn’t in the right spot. Today I bought a booster box off ebay, a base set booster box. It is the green wing charizard form too. I got an amazing deal on this box and I’m debating whether I should open it or not. The box has the green wing charizard, but it also has the Wizards of the Coast wrapping on it. This means that it is not guaranteed that i will get shadowless packs in my box. So my question is, what are the chances that the box I have has shadowless packs in it vs unlimited packs? If I knew for a fact they were shadowless i would definitely open the box, but because it is a gamble I’m not so sure anymore. Thanks for your help.

Please correct me if I am wrong but if you have a shadoless box arnt all the cards/packs shadoless?
and if you are debating weatherer or not to open it or keep it sealed I would keep sealed but that is just me
hope this helps

This wouldn’t be a 1st ed. shadowless? (Most likely not, just have to ask)

Like the last post, I agree keep it sealed at least for now, the cards will be better protected that way. Right now sealed boxes are more valuable than the cards that come inside the boxes unless you get them all graded as 10s.

I know I would feel awful if I opened a box hoping to find one card and have it not be in the box that is a collector’s item itself.

like the best card in that set is the charizard and I think they go for just under $50
and since you probably spent a couple hundred on it you would be best to keep it sealed but hay it’s your box not mine :grin:

I thought so too originally, but I saw a video online where a guy opened up a shadowless booster box, (green wing charizard on side with WIZARDS wrapping on it), but all the packs were unlimited on the inside. Apparently the only way to KNOW that it is shadowless is if it has clear shrink-wrap, not the wizards shrink-wrap.

And about opening it…I know I shouldn’t…but I’m so bad with these things. This is the first old school box i have bought (since they are so freaking expensive). Plus, individual shadowless packs go for about 20-25 dollars a piece, so I could make a crap load in profit if i sold the packs.

Oh and, no it isn’t a first edition box. That would be the deal of the century if it was. I have no idea how much they would go for because i’ve NEVER seen one up for sale.

A first edition box sealed goes for or is put up on eBay at any where between $0.5k-$2k.

Selling the packs will be more profitable on the short run however if you keep it sealed for the next 10-20 years who knows what value it might hold?

Yeah, I guess you are right.

I guess I should just hang onto the box. Unopened boxes only get rarer and rarer right? Since people like me open them :stuck_out_tongue:

could you send me the link so I can vew the video

There’s the video. I feel really bad for the guy :confused: I would be pretty bummed to if i thought it was shadowless and it was unlimited. That is the box I got though…with the green wing charizard.

hmm thanks heaps… u made me click on the video link… i almost cried for the poor guy hahah lol :stuck_out_tongue:

even if you have the shadowless booster box and has the wizard of the coast wrapping on it the box is still booster box had the WotC wrapping on it and all the cards were shadowless.the only way to tell is IF you open the box then look at the packs themselves.shadowless packs will say 11 trade able cards while the unlimited will say 11 additional cards like the guy in the video has.its still nice to have a sealed box since shadowless booster box is in the range of 300-800 dollars.

Update: I got my box in the mail and after examining the box, I have come to the conclusion that they are NOT shadowless. I am 100% sure and I did not damage or open the box in any way. I am a genius :grin:. I’m kind of bummed that they packs are unlimited though. Shadowless cards are pretty rare.

But still congrats on the box ;D

How did you know?

someone on youtube posted a video on how you can see abit of the booster packs besides opening the box itself.

Haha, that was me.