Green Wing Charizard Base Set Boxes

I have a couple of questions related to the title.

I know that Green Wing Charizard + No Logo on Shrink Wrap Base Set Boxes are guarenteed Shadowless. (inb4 not guarenteed)

What sort of odds are there on base set boxes that have the Green Wing Charizard + Logo on Shrink Wrap are Shadowless Boxes?
Are there any other variations on box design that can confirm/deny the possibility of a Shadowless Box?

If you look at the bottom of the box, if there is less writing than the standard Green Wing Charizard box, then the chances of Shadowless increase (all the no logo ones are like this I believe, and some of the logo ones). I can’t tell you anything about odds with any degree of certainty, but this is what I have noticed. I bought a number of these a few years ago.

Also, I have received boxes like this which had shadowless packs, but inside there were unlimited cards. There are really no guarantees.


I have been looking into a Shadowless Booster Box for a while now, I wish I had picked one up a few years ago. I see loads of Green Wing + Logo around now but rarely ever see Green Wing + No Logo. I have been considering taking a chance on one of the Green Wing + Logo but I don’t want to chance spending 1000 or more dollars without gathering as much info as I possibly can.

Personally, I would wait around for a no logo one if I was going to spend that much money on one of those boxes as an investment. They do show up, and almost always at auction so the hunt has to be constant or you’ll miss one. Mind you, the no logo ones go VERY high. There is always a ton of demand and interest in them.

If I just wanted one of the original boxes for my collection, I would go for the ones with the logo due to the relative affordability of them. (YIKES when 1K for a logo box is “relatively” affordable :neutral_face: )

Yeah every time I have seen a No Logo box go up over the last year or so it’s just gone insanely high, way higher than what I am willing to pay for one. I’d like to get a Shadowless Box to open it, so maybe taking a chance on one of the variations might be worth a shot. Worst case scenario I can sell the Unlimited packs to make some of my $ back.

So would it be safe to say that this one is shadowless?

Definitely not safe to say. But definitely more likely to be Shadowless than the typical green wing logo boxes that have more writing on the bottom. Either way, it’s a gamble to buy any proposed shadowless box.

Logo + extra writing < Logo + less writing (this one) < No logo + less writing

In terms of likeliness to be shadowless. Nothing is guaranteed though.

Although it’s mostly been discussed, I shot my friend Rusty an email with the original post when I saw it and he had something neat to say:

"There are so many variations of the base set box!

1st edition
Unlimited green wing, no logos
Unlimited green wing, logos, US copyright only
Unlimited green wing, logos, all copyrights
Unlimited blue wing, no logos
Unlimited blue wing, logos, all copyrights
Unlimited blue wing, 1999-2000

The second one(without logos) I have always seen to be guaranteed Shadowless - which is why it goes for a bit more, This is assuming there is only the US copyrights variation. I would say if somehow there is a variation without US copyrights that it probably is not shadowless. I have never heard of or seen that, but it may be possible."

I just thought the copyright distinction was an interesting tidbit. I don’t know how much it tells you that hasn’t already been discussed, but definitely nice to have a solid list in one place for future reference. :blush:


@daelum - That’s one of the lots I have been looking at.

Thanks for the info funmonkey,I knew of the no logo/logo/green wing shadowless variations, but had never read about the copyright variations.

There’s two other variations too lol.
You see, Wizards believed in using up all package materials even when new card variations came out cause it was economical to do so.

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Can you be more specific about what those two other existing variations are? I’m not following. :blush: