Sending to PSA - USPS

Hey gang. Sent in a recent PSA submission from here in China and have been keepin a wary eye on tracking.

It just arrived at Newport Beach, CA - but the status says ‘available for pickup’

Does this mean they’re not going to deliver to PSA? Should I chase this up?

Ignore this. Delivered just now. I was too wary as usual.


For future reference, ‘available for pickup’ just means the package was left at PSA’s Post Office box, and it won’t be scanned as ‘delivered’ until someone from PSA heads over to the Post Office to pick up the packages.


@patriotsfan117 Thanks mate, I was wondering what that label meant.

Does anyone know when they’ll start the process? It’s a 5 day submission due to the inclusion of a ‘mechanical error’ (mislabeled 1st edition) so I’m hoping that will speed the whole thing up as there are multiple orders in one box (packs, cards, a crossover). Hoping they all get 5 day treatment.

Did just see this: “Please note that the turnaround time starts when the submission has been entered, not when the package was received.”

So the 5 day thing is somewhat irrelevent, as its entirely up to them when it starts!

The digital age has made me so impatient.

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In my experience it takes anywhere from 3-10 business days for them to start it.

It was lablled with the attention of someone who works there. I shot him a message and says it will be finished within 10 days. Pretty good considering there are packs, a relabel, a crossover, and soem grading.

Works out quite nicely to have a 5-day mechanical error as it speeds up the rest of the order apparently!

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