PSA delays unacceptable

I recently submitted a few cards to PSA to be graded. My package was delivered to PSA on the 7th of October 2013 (Monday). It was recorded on their website as being received on the 12th of October (Saturday). That’s a delay of at least 4 working days. I emailed PSA Customer Service and got a response after 5 days explaining that their Receiving Section is handling a big volume of packages which is causing delays. There’s nothing they can do about it and the 10-day turnaround time for my submission (Regular Service) will start from Oct 12 when it was “received” on their system.

I emailed PSA again and they responded again after 5 days. PSA won’t compensate me for the delay because it happened before my submission was “received”.

So, I’m paying for a grading service with a turnaround time of 10 business day which would now stretch to at least 3 weeks. I don’t think this is acceptable. If it happened to me, it could happen to anyone else unless you’re one of the big players or bulk submitters to PSA.

What do you think? What recourse do I have?

Unfortunately it has been like this for awhile Nestor. :confused: I usually anticipate the delay as there is no real leverage as a customer.

In my experience, sports cards go through much quicker. Also, if you have the same type of cards in an order they typically grade quicker as well. This is just my experience, but for a good year now PSA is consistently backed up.

Did you write on the outside of the shipping box something like “10 day service”? If you don’t, log in won’t be expedited.

Yes it was clearly marked on both sides of the shipping box.

Psa have my order from 5 months and not graded yet.

They recieved my package on the 16th October and I forgot to write the submission details on the box but it was still added to the system the day after. I had a 10 day and 45 day submission in that package.

From my experience PSA only give compensation when orders go over 7 days but this has only happened once but I have had orders being dealyed by 3-4 days and they didnt give anything for those delays.

Plus I think they only give compensations depending on the service so with my 7 working day delay it was on the 10 day turnaround if it was on a 45 turnaround I dont think they would have given me any vouchers. The longer turnaround you will have to accept longer delays to busy periods without compensation.

My first time with PSA they took an extra week to document the order.

I contacted them to ask when I should expect it to be complete and was sold that the 10-day turnaround time is only an estimate. They were extremely backed up and I ended up waiting an extra 6-7 business days. It was a small order, too, but I guess they can’t help being backed up.


Care to chime in? :stuck_out_tongue:

I WAS PISSED, Funmonkey and I sent an order which was horrible.

I sent an order, clearly marked as 10 day on the box which was my fastest order in there. It got there August 22 and they put the orders on the site TWO FULL WEEKS LATE on September 5th. THAT is absolute bullcrappola.

ETA: I need to swear less :]

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It’s appalling how PSA keeps using the excuse that they are backed up. Surely this is not a way to run a business. This shows a complete lack of respect for customers who are mostly individual collectors who save their hard earned money to have their cards graded by PSA. I thought the ‘P’ on PSA stands for Professional. I’m obviously mistaken.

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That is not true my friend. What makes you think that?

YES it’s true! today I have received the mail from psa and they grade half of my cards because the do not have the documentation for the italian cards. How it’s possible? after 5 month psa do not get enought information about the italian cards? italian cards are the same of english release.

What’s the submission number for the order that was recorded 5 months ago? If true I can get you a full refund including full international shipping. Give me the number here and I’ll arrange an immediate voucher for you:)

[/quote]What’s the submission number for the order that was recorded 5 months ago? If true I can get you a full refund including full international shipping. Give me the number here and I’ll arrange an immediate voucher for you:)[/quote]
I do not know the code of the order because I send my cards to my friend of NY and he send the cards to PSA for me. I pay 18$ for each card for the grading. The order was sent before June and I’ve received the grading only now! It’s crazy… plus half of my order cards was italians and psa do not have enought information for them. So next time for each foreign cards i’ll include the exactly release date + photos of booster pack and full list of cards of the set.
One question… who psa call to know sone information about some cards?
My friend tell me how psa need to receive some books for the foreign cards…

I found that order and it wasn’t 5 months.

It was rec’d 9/7/13. Recorded 9/9/13 and shipped back 10/25/13 (today).
So that’s 34 business days which is very normal.

When you said, “Psa have my order from 5 months and not graded yet” i was ready to get you major compensation if it was true. They only had it for 34 business days so I wasted my time trying to help.

Hi Gary. Just posing this question to you as I know you have access to PSA management. I hope you don’t mind.

I’m sure PSA is aware that an increasing number if customers are disappointed with this prevailing issue of PSA being backed up causing delays to both receiving and actual turnaround times. What do you think PSA is doing about this? Or are they just content to ignore it and keep giving vouchers to customers who complain hard enough about the service they provide?


What I don’t get is if these delays have been going on for a while, and everyone seems fully aware of them, why you would send cards back? I get being mad if the turn around takes much longer than what you paid for, but if the turn around does take so long, why would you send cards back to them, knowing full well that they take a while? Especially if numerous other people are having the same issue.

They probably will ignore it as long as people keep accepting that the service is bad and keep sending cards back.

@tolan, for some collectors, myself included, getting cards authenticated and encapsulated for preservation is important. PSA grading becomes a necessary evil if you anticipate that you may end up selling your cards in the future.

If Beckett can lift up their game, I would send my cards over to them.

At this stage, I have no intention of sending any more cards to PSA. I just want to get my cards back when they’re finished grading them.

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Fair question that deserves a better answer than I’m going to give you brother. This is an educated opinion.
As a publicly traded company with shareholders PSA must meet projections which they do each year. Exceeding projections makes the following year more difficult to meet the new goals.
I can assure you of one thing…if you and I took over the operation we would increase profits by minimum of 25% and be out of a job within 2 years:(
I hope that makes some sense.

Gary, it makes sense if a company strives for mediocrity. I wonder how David Hall and more importantly CU shareholders feel about it. I think you should just takeover PSA. :blush: