sending cards to psa

Send your cards to our e4 service and help the site at the same time. Contact our founder smpratte.

Yes what Gary said would be best for you personally. If you do not plan on submitting a lot of cards it wouldn’t be worth getting the psa subscription. Unless you have several cards valued higher you want to use the free grading voucher for.

Used the E4 service and smpratte was awesome. Highly recommend it :blush:

Is there a link somewhere… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you know if there is a price limit on the cards that you can use on the E4 service? I have a couple gold stars that I want to grade and on the psa site it says bulk price should be under 100 each?

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He’s a total scam artist making 3-5$ on every single card you submit via him.

Better use the E4 service, if located in Europe use Ludkins.

FOR E4 service, just send SMPratte a PM.

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Yeah i’ve heard mixed things about TT, But sounds good and thanks for the info.

Link to the grading service


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the plug

Contact smpratte. He’ll have all your answers:)

Before sending your PSA graded cards in, have you tried fixing the slabs yourself?