Sending Cards to PSA

Hey guys I wanted to send cards in to get graded. Since I am not a member i was wondering if any of you guys would send them with your bunch. If not this will be my first time sending cards in and I am not to sure about what to do so any advice would be greatly apprcieted.

You don’t need to be a member. Just sign up on the site and print a non members submission form …then follow the instructions…carefully. they also have a guide on packing. Its not hard at all. And if your worried about rhem mislabeling include a note :blush:

Thanks. Is there any advice on what kind of mailing options I should choose?

Not really. If I’m sending out a card that costs 1k and up I choose insured one day as I don’t want it in the mail system for long. If its under that I usually do 2 day priority or whatever is cheapest.

Ask smpratte (via PMs) very nicely to see if he will do it via his membership.

You’ll have to pay him for your troubles of course.

I would definitely help you out! I am actually about to renew my membership. Just send me a pm with the details and I will let you know!

Thanks Scott. Just whenever you send in a batch be sure to let me know