Seller wants me to close a Paypal claim for a refund.

I pre-ordered some product back in early July, 2021 from a store in Japan. Release date rolls around and I hear nothing from them. I understand things are slow all around the world, especially when dealing internationally. 2 weeks go by, nothing. I ended up sending two emails before getting a response. I also opened a Paypal claim because I wasn’t sure if there was a cut off date and didn’t want to lose my money.
Basically I’m told the product I ordered isn’t available at the original price I paid, as they’ve been getting their orders through resellers at a higher price. I’m given choice of a full refund or a store coupon. Of course, I want my money back.
I just received an email back just now:
"Dear Customer


Thank you for your replied. The paypal account is temporarily blocked because of customers’ claims, so we can’t refund anybody at the moment. much appreciated if you closed the claim, it will help to refund everyone faster. Besides that, could you also confirmed your paypal address and close the claim.

Have a wonderful day.

Best regards"
Is this even a thing with Paypal? They can’t refund me because I have a claim open? I’m just trying not to get ripped off.

There’s no way in hell I’d close it with a message like that


If in doubt contact paypal directly and ask them the question you have here. You will get a proper answer then :blush:

Sounds super dodgy to me! Id leave it open for sure as once you close you cant get your money back.

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Don’t close the claim. It’s the only one you get. Paypal will refund you and add a negative balance to the seller’s account to resolve.

If you close the claim they can 100% never send you anything and you’re out of luck.


DO NOT close the claim. Once you close it that’s it! Tell them you will close the claim only after they refund your money, otherwise let the claim process play out as it is likely the only way you will get your money back based on the information in your post - very sus.

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yeah don’t close the claim either they send it to u or u get a refund through paypal

man i love buyer protection

Just get your money back. I also wouldn’t bother with preorders.


You’ll get your money back within a week. Don’t close the claim.

Appreciate the replies. I just emailed them back saying I’ll close the claim when I get my refund. Paypal’s system says the claim will automatically close on the 20th. I’ll just escalate the case to Paypal after the seller probably tells me they can’t, cause I feel like that’s how this is gonna play out. Lmao

If you close your PayPal claim, contact me.

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Obviously keep the claim open.

Not laughing at you, just how obviously scummy the seller sounds.

I’ll join the chorus: Keep your claim open.

If the scammer (er, reseller) really did have their PayPal account suspended, it’s probably because they failed to deliver to a whole lot of customers and ended up getting several claims filed against them.

Legitimate retailers in Japan will accept pre-orders, but they won’t charge in advance to shipping.

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I believe if they complete your refund, full access to their account will return. If that’s so, their request is nonsensical.


The request from this seller is essentially: “Please let me keep your money.”

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