BEWARE of japaneserealapparel!! NEED Help please

Hi everyone…

I need help… I made a private deal with the ebay user japaenserealapparel (Bewertungsprofil)

the communication was perfect… and I made the transaction via PayPal… he said he has received the money and will give me the tracking number as soon as he has shipped the item… but I have not heard anything since then… (this was 8 days ago now)… I can’t open a case at PayPal … it says that for the transaction no case can be opened… :confused:

I sent a message to PayPal but I don’t know if they can do anything… :confused:

please I need help… I don’t want the money to be lost :sob:


If I use PayPal for a transaction from eBay instead, I make/ request an invoice if I don’t know the person. Invoices are a great way to detail exactly what your paying for and incase of suits you can use these to your advantage. These can also protect the buyer if anything goes wrong as it’s a more professional way of buying and selling.

Did the seller tell you to send the transaction money as a ‘gift’? If so, I’m not sure what you can do as it is not protected (paying for ‘goods’ is protected) as technically you didn’t buy anything. Rather than just gift him money for his birthday or such.

I didnt get an invoice… :confused:

Oh damn… I cant remember what payment I made… I dont know if I made private or “online purchase”… I dont see it in the details either… :confused: how can I see this?.. Is there no way to get the money back if I made “private”?
damn I hope PayPal can help me out… I’m so fucking angry right now…

The best thing to do is call them. Wait until tomorrow during normal business hours and talk to an agent. If you call after normal business hours (9-5) they will put you in India and read from manual’s.

If you are patient and wait for someone in customer service just explain your situation. If you have any emails or messages that you sent to the seller they will let you post them and it will help your case. Don’t stress, I have been in your position before and it always worked out for me and I am sure after you call Paypal you will get the same resolution!

thanks for your fast answers guys!

Okay thats good to hear… I think I will call them tomorrow and explain everything… I still have the e-mails where he says that he accepted the payment and will send the item out… so this would help me probably…

But what is eve more strange: the seller had several Promo cards for sale but ended all of the in the last days!!! every single auction was ended “because it was no longer available”… I think this is really strange…

How can I look up what transaction I made? … I mean if I made private or online-purchase and so on…?

if you made a paypal transaction it should appear in your paypal account or your email at least

I have just called PayPal and opened a case… they are contacting the seller now and he has 10 days to answer them… I am very relieved now… I think all will work out good for me…

To all: please beware from this seller… he is not serious (ebay user: japaneserealapparel) I dont want this to happen to anybody of you…

Thanks for all the information and help!

well the thing is with ebay its easy for the buyer to win compared to the seller

Yeah… but it wasn’t an ebay transaction… it was private

Yeah, I know one or two sellers who do that.

What they do is they list an item or items on ebay starting at like $0.99 or whatever, and they see how high it gets, then they end the auction a few hours before it should end.
Then they go and relist the same item or items, but starting at/around the same price it was going to end at.

Why do they do this? Well, it could either be:

  1. Just to get a sense of what their stuff is worth (useful for one-of-a-kind error cards or whatever)

  2. To be selfish and try and make as much money as possible.

So watch out for these kinds of people. They’re just straight up annoying.

Guys its getting worse for me… Paypal closed my case because they realised i made a private transaction and not online purchase… They said that i cant open a case for these transactions and that they cant do anything :confused: i am so stupid :slightly_frowning_face:
Has anybody got a tip what i can do?

Please help me guys :slightly_frowning_face:

Sorry, but there isn’t much you can do except keep messaging the seller and asking for the tracking number and what not. The seller is in Japan, so it usually takes over a week for items to get anywhere from Japan, so there is still some hope that your item might arrive.

No because he didnt ship it… thats what he said… Paypal said i should contact the police… this is the last thing… the police will then take all information of the seller from paypal…
Oh damm… im so stupid

Did he say he’s not going to ship it at all?
If yes, then he has stolen your money and you should contact the police.
If not, then you need to ask the guy to ship your items and wait a while.

No, you’re not stupid. You trusted his feedback rating and made a deal. Albeit he did trick you into making the deal wrong so he completely won.

But yeah, go ahead and contact the police. I’d love to see the look on the dude’s face when the police contact him about Pokemon :stuck_out_tongue:

How much money did you send him? Unfortunately the police will most likely not do anything unless it is substantial.

Well he said he would either ship or refund but im sure if i say he should ship i will not get what i bought… he is a liar and trying to fool me… so i hope he will refund and if not i will contact the police… i hope if i tell him that i will go to the police he will refund… but im not sure… :confused:

What did you buy and for how much?

it was $1500… so quite a bit… the man at paypal said that for that amount i should definitely contact the police… yeah would be funny to see the guys face when he gets a letter or something from the police saying he didnt send me my pokemon …
I hope that if i tell the seller that i will contact the police he might send me the money… I mean, if i would fool other people i would stop as soon as someone wants to contact the police…
I can sue the seller because of internet product deception… at least this is what the guy from paypal said…

and if i dont get my money back in the worst case… I lost a lot of money… but learnd something for my life… but it hurts quite much although

What did you buy for that price!!! I didn’t know he had quality like that.