Weird eBay scenario

I bought a card from someone on eBay back on February 21st, and that same day the seller claimed they were having a problem with their Paypal account and had to cancel the order. I get the cancellation order email, but Paypal still shows as completed with no pending refund.

Here we are a week later and the seller is non-responsive, and eBay says it’s waiting on action for me. Obviously neither of my two options are true, I have already paid for the order, and I haven’t received a refund. Anyone else been in this scenario? Starting to wonder if my only option now is to call eBay.

Open a case on PayPal explaining your situation or call Ebay

That would make me so incredibly angry!! I hope things work out for you. I’m a very calm and collected person but when I feel I’m being robbed of taken advantage of when buying something I lose my temper pretty quickly!! I hate going thru the process of opening a case and waiting on a refund and it doesn’t refund extra money for my anger haha or the huge mistake. And it really grinds my gears when you finally get refunded weeks later and you can’t find the same card in the same condition or you do but it’s much more expensive. It is what it is though that’s life for you. Some sellers are ridiculous. I had 3 mistake orders come in today from my 20 or so purchases that arrived. One was 1st edition but not Holo. Another was E series expedition reverse Holo and not regular Holo and than a Holo but not first edition. The funny part is when the receipt is printed out in the package of your order reading the exact card but they somehow package the complete opposite. O and I had a Typhlosion 18 first edition I ordered last week but they sent a Typhlosion 17 unlimited. I know it’s frustrating man all we want at the end of the day is exactly what we ordered :slight_smile:

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If that ever happened to me I’d sic @mcorey777, on them😡



I mean, mistakes happen man. You can’t get so angry every time a seller cancels an order or makes an error. Sometimes there really are legitimate reasons for a seller cancelling an order, and sometimes sellers really do make mistakes. Not every seller who does this is engaging in unscrupulous activity.

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They might be right. Paypal problems sounds vague and fishy.

I ended up calling eBay this morning, and was given the option of opening a case against the seller. If they don’t respond within 6 days eBay rules in my favor.

This happened to me one time before. The refund could not be given because the seller never claimed the money in paypal. I guess their paypal account wasn’t registered or something. After probably a week the unclaimed money came back to me.

That sounds exactly like the verbiage the seller was giving me