Secret Santa anyone???

Would anyone be interested in doing this??

I’m in;)


I will offer my services in organizing it if enough people are interested :blush:

I have a few nice things I’d be happy to mail out to a random individual that I’m not doing anything with. :stuck_out_tongue: Could even buy a booster pack along with it so at least there’s something new.

Count me in.

I’m in

Im in :blush:

What’s the limit?

Set more ground rules and I’ll facilitate it, since someone not involved needs to ensure its truly random.

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$10-15 max sound good?

I mean unless you all wanna go ham with the gift giving

What about shipping? That could get pricey Shipping free stuff around the globe

Count me in :blush: although I’m in aus

Oooh, that would be cool.

I’d be down, I’m more than happy to ship something nice out. Shipping costs for a small card or booster pack isn’t too heavy. It can cost $2.60 globally from Australia if sent in a heavy duty secured envelope. USPS is $6.16 vice versa…roughly, Not to hefty.

Lets have the Admins generate a list, by a certain date, then randomize and PM the options. We can have a thread for the receivables later on :laughing:

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thats super reasonable :rofl:

I’m so down for this, I have no problem shipping internationally either :blush:

I’d prefer to ship domestic, but i dont mind international. international mail would be restricted to flats in a standard letter though tbh

…i have christmas envelopes… (^v^)


I would love to join you Guys but I know that I’m new member here so it’s up to you if you’re willing to count me in *_*


I say if you’re willing to give and receive all in one, it shouldn’t be a problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think there should be a limit, you must have a certain number of posts on the website to join this. + a trusted e-bay account

Once established by admin, a list can be generated here on who is attending.

We would PM our details individually to the host admin, then via a random number generator, each person is assigned randomly. We could do a small video to show that matches are randomly done, like the people on Youtube or livestream who do those random giveaways. That would eliminate scepticism of matches.

Would have to get approval from the administrators, @funmonkey54