Searching for Pikachus...

Hello there!

I finally decided to start my research and make list of cards on which Pikachu appears (but not as the main character).
I couldn’t find list like this anywhere so I made my own already, maybe someone could use this in the future to build his/her own collection of Pika cards.

So far I made list of English trainers, Worlds promos and other Pokemon’s cards.
I included cards that I could actually afford (no 2014 Trophy cards, lol).

My lists might be incomplete and I think you could help me.
If you know any other cards that aren’t included in my lists please let me know, I’ll update it.

Thanks in advance for help!

Here we go:
Other Pokemon’s cards (I had big problem with this one and I guess there are more of these. I know there’re some jumbo cards with Pikachu but I will make separate list for them)

Worlds promos

English Trainer cards - watch out, this one is preety long