Non-Pikachu TCG Cards featuring Pikachu in their artwork


Hoping some of you lovely people can help me! I am a Pikachu collector and I am on the hunt for any non-Pikachu TCG Cards featuring Pikachu in their artwork so far I have

BW97 Eevee

RC1/RC32 Chikorita

98/123 Pokemon Communication

58/62 Mr Fuji

97/123 Pokemon Collector

XY40 Ditto

63/113 Ditto

39/113 Ditto

RC7/RC37 Snorunt

Also any card (Pokemon or Trainer) featuring Pichu or Raichu.


Paging @quuador. He has amazingly exhaustive lists on a lot of Pokémon and Pikachu happens to be his forte!


You might want to look up this thread:



Thanks for the tag. The thread mentioned by @muk should answer your question and contains all the ones I’m personally aware of. No doubt there will be some other hidden Pikachus in backgrounds of some forgotten cards, but that thread contains the most comprehensive list of cards featuring Pikachu tbh.

Oh, and welcome to the forum and good luck with your collection goals! :blush:


I loved that thread! Very cool to see where they can sneakily place a Pika and who can spot them! Some are exceptionally well hidden.
I accidentally missed out one when I posted a few and I think that thread is too old to start posting in again, so here’s the card I’ve been obsessed with.