[$$ Bounty] Do you know of any TCG Pichu cameos I'm missing?

Update May 2021: I have a bounty for anyone who can find cards I’m not aware of featuring Pichu in their artwork. See this post below for more information.

I’m a long-time collector of named Pichu cards, but within the last 2 years I’ve started also collecting other cards which feature Pichu in their artwork but do not explicitly mention “Pichu” in their name. Every few months I stumble across a new card which I didn’t know about, but this is almost always a complete fluke.

I’m posting here to see if there are any cards I’m not aware of which feature Pichu. I’d greatly appreciate it if anyone does know of any I’m missing!

Here are the ones I’m aware of (I’ve grabbed the images from Bulbapedia):

  • Tropical Present (Fan Club promo, jumbo)

  • Lucky Stadium #41 (WotC Black Star Promo)

  • Pokémon Fan Club #130 (Aquapolis) (also as reverse holo and part of Reed Weichler’s World Championship deck; available in Japanese as both 1st Edition and Unlimited)

  • Pokémon Pal City (Japanese Battle Road promo) [image]

  • Michina Temple #44 (Japanese DPt-P promo)

  • Arceus (2009 Pokémon Card Design Contest: CoroCoro Comic)

  • Illusion’s Zorua (2010 Pokémon Card Design Contest: Pokémon Fan)

  • Pokémon Collector (also as reverse and featured as part of 7 different 2010-2011 World Championship decks and with Play! Pokémon stamp, and featured as #22 and #27 from HS Trainer Kit: Raichu Half Deck; available in Japanese as reverse and as part of both the Steelix deck #016 and Tyranitar deck #017)

  • Team Rocket’s Trickery (HS Undaunted)

  • Pokémon Fan Club #061 [JP] #133 [EN] (Ultra Prism), #086 [JP] (Double Blaze) (also as reverse holo in English and featured twice in Japan’s SM-P set as #273 (School Festa 2018 stamp) and #336 (Event Organizer stamp))

  • Pokémon Fan Club #066 [JP] #155 [EN] (Ultra Prism)

  • Professor Elm’s Lecture #095 [JP] (Cosmic Eclipse)

  • Professor Elm’s Lecture 188a/214 [EN] (Lost Thunder) 1st to 4th Place League-stamped

Every time I think I’ve found them all, I stumble across a new one. The most recent being the Tropical Present which by pure chance I found smpratte selling on eBay last week. I’m sure there are others out there I’m not aware of.

If you know of any I’m missing, please do let me know!


@quuador would be the guy to ask!!

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Will get to work right away since I have time now. :wink:



@pichufan @zacheggers Ok, I never expected I would say this to a question like this, but: I’m unable to find any that you haven’t found already… :sob:

I looked at all my regular sources first. The ones I could find were already in your list. At first I thought two were missing, but one actually has Pichu in the name (the Pikachu & Pichus Jumbo), and the other turned out to be a Pikachu (one of the other Illustrator Zoruas).

I then looked at all my Pikachu cards and Jumbo cards. Still none you hadn’t already found.

Then I looked at ALL my 5k+ cards. And let me say, I found loads of Pokémon hidden in the background I didn’t even knew about… Like five cards with a tiny Pikachu I didn’t knew I had, some Plusles and Minuns playing in the background, and loads of Pokémon you wouldn’t expect in the back of other cards like Tauros, Exeggutor, Mienshao, Sandshrew, Vanillite, Mr. Mime, Jumpluff, etc. etc.
BUT, I couldn’t find a single Pichu that wasn’t already in your list… I got excited a few times when I found one, only to check your list and see it was already there. Maybe there are still some out there, but I must say I’m very impressed (and frustrated :slightly_smiling_face: ) by the list you’ve already compiled yourself.



:open_mouth: Dang you went through 5k cards! My head would be spinning after a while haha!

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Thank you so much for going to so much effort! I’m not 100% convinced that there aren’t any we’re missing, but I’m definitely a lot more confident that I’ve found the majority of them now.

I had a look through your Pikachu collection and I must say I’m very impressed. In some ways I’m glad I chose Pichu over Pikachu as I feel like Pikachu would completely break the bank! That said though, it’s a shame Pichu hasn’t really seen much attention in almost 9 years; it would be nice to have something new to be really excited about! Best of luck with filling in the remaining gaps in your collection. :blush:

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Pichu is the cutest pokemon of them all! I love it.

What’s with the pichus from the Movie Random Pack? Have you seen them before? or the ones from the DPt-P promo set?

I’ve given the main post a bit of an update to include Japanese 1st/unlimited variants, Japan’s #086 Pokémon Fan Club from Double Blaze, #273 and #336 from SM-P.
As always, would love to find out about any other cards which exist!

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Updated to include the new Professor Elm’s Lecture card from the Alter Genesis set (thanks @stephneechan and @winters for linking me to this one).

This is from a list PokéBeach has put up of the Alter Genesis cards with pictures at www.pokebeach.com/2019/08/sm12-alter-genesis-fully-revealed.


Since you didn’t ask for TCG cards only…
This is some kind of promotional card for the stickers that were/are currently given out at Pokemon Centers, I got it with my Remix Bout preorder. I put it in a binder because it’s of the same quality as Bandai cards and I liked the artwork :blush:

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The Cosmic Eclipse set didn’t include this card, but it appears they’ve added it as a 1st to 4th place reward for participating in this month’s League Tournaments as a Lost Thunder alternative art 188a/214:

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These are sexy and you know it :blush: @pichufan,:

Now that I’ve picked up the 2009 CoroCoro Comic-winning Arceus I believe I now have at least one variant of all of the different non-Pichu cards featuring Pichu somewhere in their artwork:


Is anyone aware of any I may have missed off the list in the first post?


Congratulations on picking up the Illustration winners! Huge accomplishment to have all the arts.


Hey everyone, I’m giving this thread a quick bump to ask if anyone has seen Pichu appearing on any of the Sword and Shield cards or promos released in the past 18 months. I’ve not really been following Sword and Shield and we’re at a point now where there are so many cards I’m sure I may have missed something.

As a reminder I have an ongoing bounty to anyone who can find any Pichu appearances I’m unaware of. I’ve given the first post in this thread a quick update but my Pokémon Cards Featuring Pichu blog article will be more up-to-date.

My blog post there mentions:

If the card artwork is not already featured in this article and the card was released more than 12 months ago I’ll throw in a $10 reward as a thank you. If that card was released before 2009 I’ll up that to $20.

But for the sake of me bumping this thread today I’ll drop that 12 months requirement - if anyone’s aware of any card featuring Pichu which I’m not aware of in that blog article let me know and I’ll give you $10. I’ll double the pre-2009 reward to $40 as well. I’m only looking for new artworks rather than language variants, but if you’re aware of a language variant not listed I’d very much appreciate the knowledge.

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Hey all. I’ve not been keeping up with new releases, so for the next 7 days I’m offering $40 if anyone is able to find an artwork not already featured in this thread (or more accurately on my blog: pichu.blog/cards-featuring-pichu).

Unlike the bounty mentioned on my blog and in this thread there’s no age restriction on this bounty. If you know of a card which has just been released or a card from 20 years ago featuring a Pichu cameo I’ll give you $40 if it’s not already mentioned here.


@pichufan Potential find for ya. May require a bit of imagination, high res scans, loupe, and some looking over!
Radio Tower – Neo Destiny

Small red banner— Pichu, Mudkip(odd one), Chikorita
Purple banner------Totodile
Green banner-------Charizard, Pichu

May be a bit of a stretch for you since these are incredibly tiny/pixelated at high zoom, I cant unsee them though!


The backside of the 2010 Fighting Energy from the Creatures Corporate History Deck features the Pokémon Ranger DS game.

Blurry screenshot from pokeguardian video:

Box art of the game:


@qwachansey thanks, I hadn’t noticed this during the first posts about the deck - even though I should have seeing as I have a store poster of that Pokémon Ranger cover artwork right above my desk!

I was made aware of it last week by someone looking to see if I’d be interested in buying their copy, but I have no idea what an expected price to pay for something like this would be. It will be interesting to see in a couple of years just how many of these surface.

FWIW the text on the card is a quote from March 2010 by Katsuyoshi Irie - the director of the original Pokémon Ranger game and supervisor on Guardian Signs - discussing the co-op side of the game through the DS consoles’ wireless communication features.

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@pichufan, nice poster! I’m looking forward to receiving my $10 :wink: