Sealed Base Set Booster Pack "Long Pack" 144ct Boxes

Someone posted this on Reddit looking for more information, I thought I’d post it here. I’m not sure what these boxes are called. They’re the retail distribution boxes with loose “long packs” inside. This guy found 4 of them, 3 of which are still sealed. Does anyone know what the value of a sealed one might be?

If the packs are loose inside of the corrugated cardboard boxes, I don’t believe there is any additional value attributable to them beyond that of the combined value of the individual packs.

Yes, I spoke with the person directly. They are aware of what they have and were able to find comparable sales on eBay.

I saw this on reddit a few hours ago. I sent him a PM offering to buy the lot, but no reply yet. It seems he may try to sell them himself. I was hoping they’d have the 1999-2000 date. The opened pack he posted has the 1999 date.

wow i wish i found something like that

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once in a lifetime!

Are there any reputable UK collectors who would be willing to facilitate the transaction? He does not want to deal with the shipping process or customs.

I’d be willing to offer payment for services rendered or send free graded cards.

I’m still waiting on his exact UK location.

Thanks guys.

It kills me knowing that there are stockpiles like this just sitting around old shops. People are so quick to dismiss this stuff as yesterdays junk.


Have you tried contacting ludkinscollectables on eBay/YouTube?


Hes very trustyworthy.

He sold them all for £10($15) a pack so £1440($2200) a box he got.A uk card store bought them all.Wont see a stash like that again for a while!

Now thats quick effin cash…

And a rip off. He could have easily gotten $40+ each if he just took the time to sell them individually on eBay.

yeah dude was very impatient, could have doubled his takings, thats a shame.

I think he got a fair price whoever bought them will make 100% profit if they sell them in individual packs so that is a fair enough profit in my eyes and not a con.He knew nothing about pokemon cards,did not care about them and did not have an ebay account.If I were him I would be happy with £6000.If only he had not found a buyer for another 2 weeks I would have had the cash to buy 2 boxes from the dude:-(

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Sometimes people need cash. when you weigh up the hassle, potential drama with scammers, time listing and posting individual packs etc, the price he got for bulk was pretty reasonable IMO, especially for someone who has nothing to do with the hobby.In some circumstances almost 9k could benefit some people much more than 100-200 a week minus fees, time and hassle.

Having said that, I would of taken the slow and steady approach for atleast a couple of the boxes.

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I also would have bought a box from this guy :slightly_frowning_face:

Exact info I received. I made him a good offer & we emailed back and forth, but in the end, he said cash in person was much more appeasing. So close… Cash is King.

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Yeah I shot him a few messages, got his interest, but being that I live in China…haha.