Base Set Card Box Price Check

Hey everyone, long time lurker here. I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to the price of a sealed base set card box with a pack sealed inside. I’ve had it for a few years now and really have no idea what it is besides the base set pack on top. I can’t find any information about them on eBay or anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You talking about this?

I can’t figure out how to add pictures (first time posting), but it’s not on that list. I have a link here for the fossil version of what I’m talking about, but I have one that’s base set with a base set pack. Thanks and sorry for the new-ness!

Ah I see. Currently you can buy a sealed 12 pack of those how they came from the factory for $150 so hat should give you an idea.
I actually have two of those from childhood. That’s what I mainly used for cards.
*Edit: missed the sealed pack part of that, whoops!

I’m not sure, considering it has a base set booster attached in the seal so it can’t be a weighted pack and I’ve seen the empty box go for 30, wouldn’t it be at least 100? Sorry I just really can’t find any info on this thing, and I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing lol

In mint condition I could see it selling for at least a $100 or possibly more since it’s unique

I’m actually totally wrong here, sorry. One with the sealed pack is different, my mistake. Not really sure what the value is.

I’ll give you $5 I’m paypal ready


Prepare for a bidding war. I offer 4.00.

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My offer, on the table, is $1,628 Zimbabwean dollars

Time to hit the clubs! Drinks on me lads


Here are some pictures of it, I finally figured out how to post them. Thanks guys!
The seal covers everything, including the pack. Ive seen fossil versions of this, but never a base set one.


Thanks >^_^<

An idea of how to possibly price it could be to figure out what percentage higher the fossil version one is selling for (or has sold for) over just a loose fossil booster pack and apply that same percentage bump to the price of a loose base set booster pack.

But that thing is pretty neat, I’ve never seen a base set one before, only had previously seen fossil one

I’ve seen one guy is selling it of 675 lol I would say it’s could be around 160 or so.

last time I read about these they weren’t officially made by WOTC. The box and pack are authentic but they were sealed by a third party, or sometimes just card shops themselves. So the prices didn’t really command a premium because it could be done today by any Joe with a mint box and a unopened booster.