1st Edition Base Set Packs

With the record breaking prices of the 1st Edition Base Set boxes every year, it’s a no brainer that single sealed packs will continue to rise as well. What’s the current market value of a sealed 1st Edition Base Pack and where do you see the future of these? It’s rare, it’s scarce and people with these tend to hold on to them for dear life. What does everyone think?

Packs can be weighed and boxes can’t. That’s the main difference and does affect value growth.


Also as the amount of boxes go down, the amount of packs that become available goes up.

Lets face it, nearly everyone will weigh their packs and no one is opening light packs. Its throwing money away.

Unfortunately that’s where the hobby’s gone.
I actually weighed a bunch of foreign Base set packs and still have them. I wrote the weights on the sleeves. Problem is? Based on those weights, I have no clue if they’re Holo packs or not lol.


I think it was two years ago or less I was buying for $300 per. I’d love to buy them for that price now.

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I actually bought 3x 1st Ed. Base Set Booster Packs (1 of Ea. Art-Work) from Gary for $1,000.00 RIGHT BEFORE the prices for 1st Ed. Base Booster Packs SKYROCKETED! Actually remember purchasing those 3x Packs right before I was scheduled to ship-out for 4 Months. I received my 3x Packs and then within a few days shipped-out. When I returned from my 4 Month Venture, I went to place those Booster Packs within my Personal Collection Excel Sheet which includes approximate values. I checked eBay and those packs were already selling for $750+ Ea. LOL I was sooo PUMPED!

So, if I never told you this before Gary, THANK YOU!!!


Lol…you’re welcome. Only for you:)

In 2012 I split a sealed 1st Ed Base box with ebirdman for 400.00 each…$800.00 TOTAL hehe.


Jeez Gary by the time I bought mine in 2013-2014 I paid 6.5k. I remember your listing with like 8 1st edition base boxes and you were only asking like 100k and now that’s like 1.5 boxes. Lol. Should’ve hit bin but then again you might have not shipped them. :wink:

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Loose first edition base packs have actually started falling in price. They were selling for $1k+ consistently for maybe 6 months a year ago, then quickly dropped to about $750. The availability has even dropped based on ebay listings, but the price still remains sub $1k. I bought in at the wrong time, but these are top 3 of my favorite items to own, so I am happy to hold onto them.

To be fair that was the time that one guy listed a bunch of 1st ed blisters/boosters for way under market and flooded the market. I took my listings down, and have been sitting waiting for the market to dry up again, which will happen.

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That was a crazy time. There’s a few e4 members that landed several packs.

It looks like Pokémon Revolution just sold 3 for 3200. So it looks like they’re on the way up! Availability is extremely low right now.

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i missed out on those because i thought it was a scam. i still have nightmares about that day

Yeah he had no clue + still doesn’t know (I don’t think) that he was selling for way under market. I know he sold a case to some guy in Australia, and his other case he sold individually or in sets. And no, he doesn’t have anymore lol

No. Even for that time we got it for waaaaaaaay under market. Just a fluke buy.

Yep because I remember trying to close a deal for a 1st ed base box back in 2011-2012 for 7k AUD, the seller wanted 8 :slightly_frowning_face:

I recently bought the 1ed base artwork set since they were the last ones I needed for a complete english sealed booster collection :grin:

Paid 2500 euros (2800 USD) for it and I’m so happy! No intention on selling these ever again. Looking for a really good looking frame now to put them on the wall for everyone to see :stuck_out_tongue:


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I may be wrong but it seems to me that the sealed boxes of 1st edition are going for WAY more than if you bought PSA 10 copies of every single holo from a set. If people are buying boxes to open them that makes zero sense to me but I am kinda new to this but that just seems stupid.

I don’t think that has much to do with this thread?

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Don’t worry man, nobody couldve predicted it. I saw the boxes hovering for 10k, i thought it was nuts and everyone was saying theres no way it would go higher too. Yugiohs pretending to be pokemon right no with the lob boxes going for 10k, and man i’m kicking myself i had all those singles back in the day