Scheduled Discord Chat 2 (thanks for coming)

Happening JANUARY 30TH 6:00 EST (about 24 hours from time this was posted)

We will be getting on voice and just talking about whatever.

Have topics and questions prepared. Unless otherwise stated here, @smpratte will there ($20 patreon value, absolutely free!). More importantly, I will be there!

Be there or be :black_large_square:


everyone … do you know da wae? da sidebar —>
I’ll be there :blush:


P.S. for all the shy people out there, feel free to come and just listen. There’s no requirement to actually talk.

If you need help figuring out how to work the discord, just send me a message either here or there

I’ll be there again but I have class from 7-8:30 so I’ll have to bow out for that time. Looking forward to it.


I have a meeting at 5:30, don’t know how long that will go…I’ll try to get on when I can!

Should be able to make it, assuming I remember.

You will be reminded.

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hershey when you do your AMA be sure to give us answers like “I could answer that, but I’m not going to at this time; plenty to say about that topic”.


That’s cool, I’ve been thinking of joining Discord to check out the E4 group, but I’ll still be at work - I’ll try to join next time.

GMT based lives matter :slightly_frowning_face:


SeAsOn ThReE.

i can tell this is going to be an interesting day.
TwEnTy FoUr HOuRs uPTiMe

I’ll try to log in from school, I have class at 7pm lol


I love how many people are posting about activities they have at different times, without mentioning their time zones.

At 1-12 am/pm, depending upon your time zone, I have to be somewhere, but don’t worry at 1-12 am/pm, depending upon your time zone, I’ll be on.

Where not mentioned including in my own post I would assume everyone is talking EST.

  1. OP was using EST.
  2. EST is the best time zone.

I’ll be listening and not talking since I’m at work till 7:30pm EST

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I’ll be there for sure!

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1 hr 5 minutes !

Get readyyy!