Sorry about what happened in discord tonight

I got wound up in the high of having everyone else egg me on for the upcoming fight with ssjc. All the things I said were simply attempts to garner a reaction from the people in chat. It didnt really have anything to do with ssjc at all. So once again sorry to ssjc and I hope u all were happy with the show :unamused:

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It’s ok you don’t have to make an apology thread :blush:


You missed it, shit got intense

Ya idk i feel bad, had to get it off my conscience.

Good night to join I guess…

Ssjc is a nice dude but he’s not afraid to speak his mind. Just don’t get defensive and don’t take what he says to heart and you’ll get along fine.

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Don’t go messing with my boy ssjc;)

What happened now…

I’m sorry about what I said but I def dont think he’s a nice dude.

He went super saiyan on his ass.

Do you have a date and venue for the fight set up yet? 12 3 minute rounds of Chiz vs ssjc sounds juicy.

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when does the recorded podcast of whatever you guys are talking about go up?

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I’m trying to give you some decent advice and an out here but you’re making it pretty difficult.

I got nothing against you dude and I know how easy it is to say something mean when it gets heated. But truthfully some of the stuff you said was 1000x worse than anything ssjc said. So I don’t think you have much of a leg to stand on in determining who is nice and who isn’t.

Anyway, I really think you should go back and take a look at the last big paragraph thing ssjc said to you. That was actually very solid advice and it seemed he was honestly looking out for for you.

It was all in the text chat on discord, so if you have the desire to find it, it’s there


DAYMMNNN…I missed it :slightly_frowning_face: the one day im not on discord.

Ash v Gary all over again

I need to sign up to that Discord thing you guys keep talking about. There are times I wonder why the forums are dead, but a lot of the guys are usually online on it.

These days there’s usually 30-40 people on discord as seen via the sidebar. The forums don’t seem dead to me, they’re great for discussions … discord is the place for memes and general banter, though good discussion can happen in the voice channel when everyone gets on.