Scans of the Official Card Book 2000

hey guys

I was wondering if someone could scan page 84 of the official card book from 2000… I heard there is a nice picture of trophy cards on there…

Thank you :blush:

I kinda want to buy one of these… hmmm…

The 2000 Guide is a great resource but the price that Ebay seller wants for a used one is pretty high. If you’re patient they come up on YJ at a lot lower price even with the middleman fees included.

Daelum, it will be one of the best purchases you can make!

Wow I’ve never seen that before. It’s amazing. I too would love to get my hands on one in the future!

Agreed, you won’t regret it! I flip through the pages when I can’t sleep at night. :stuck_out_tongue: Plus there are all sorts of neat things hiding in there

What are some of the “neat things” that are in it? Wouldn’t it be like, impossible to read since it’s Japanese?

Well yes it is impossible to read but there are neat pictures spread throughout the book. Like for example the picture Poke-Geri is referring to, that one is a gem! Also there’s a neat calendar at the end of the book that shows exact dates when tournaments and other things of interest were held.

Here’s the picture

Note the Illustrator, Trophy Pikas, Trophy Khan, Unikarp, Kamex Computer Error and lots more promos

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They stole that picture from me. :wink:

Hahaha nice! :blush:

I remember seeing that photo in my book a while ago. Sadly I didn’t want to bend the spine to make a scan…slight OCD? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish they would make an updated edition of that guide. My jaw dropped when I saw “real” scans of the cards that were only in the first Game Boy game that came from it.

Wow those pictures are amazing!! Thanks Jason! Its so cool how they framed the cards :blush:

I cant see any TMB and SSB cards… But in first picture there are more frames so perhaps they are somewhere

That is because that picture is from 1997/1998…maybe early 1999 at best. Either way those tournaments had not happened yet.

ah okay… it would be amazin to see photos of this room today… I mean there would be all trophy cards ever printed from 1997 until 2012! 15 years of trophy cards… hell yeah

I doubt that the room still exists. It may have been a tournament or a league in which they hung those up. Newer tournaments still do this…at the battle carnival they had a large frame featuring newer sets and promotional cards.

On another note…I wonder if those cards are real, or if the whole display is just one print out that was framed??