Pokemon 2000 Official Card Book

I forgot the name of it too, but I believe it has pictures of every card (or almost every) made up until 2000. Thanks for reminding me about it, someone owes me one of those books!

The book you are referencing is this: www.flickr.com/photos/69702979@N07/6344437499/in/set-72157627998648027
I believe frosty is talking about something different

ISBN 4-8401-0002-0. It costs between $20 and $80 depending on condition. Here is a used one for $20.

Nothing :blush: I just have the original paper half cover. I though you were talking about the original coro coro books which advertised and discussed tournaments like the TMB and SSB as seen here:

Yup that this the official card book 2000. They are all over ebay and noppin. If you see one with a half orange cover like mine, it is the same book, just a removable paper jacket/insert.