FS: Media Factory's Pokemon Card Guidebook 2000

I opened a box in my warehouse and found a few factory-sealed copies of the Pokemon Card Guidebook that Media Factory published in 2000.

I imagine everyone here is already familiar with the book — it contains pictures of every Japanese card that had been released up to that point. It’s a gorgeous book.

If anyone would like to purchase a copy, please send me a PM with your price offer. Please bear in mind that I will have to ship the book to you from Japan. We can work out the method of shipping you prefer, and that cost would then be added to the total.

I received a PM requesting that I post a picture of the book, so here goes.

This is my personal copy of the book, which I’ve been using for the past dozen years. The copies that I am selling are factory-sealed and therefore in mint, unused condition.

This is what most of the inside pages look like. In addition to pictures of every regular card that had been released through the year 2000, there are also sections with pictures of all the tournament and trophy cards, promo cards, telephone cards, gift boxes, play mats, and other TCG-related merchandise.

The book is 366 pages, is printed on high-quality paper, and absolutely stunning.

Highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have a copy!! It really is stunning.