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Hi all, looking for some brief advice.

I sold an expensive item through the GSP. I contacted the buyer afterward to see if they would like it shipped directly, they politely declined. And so I shipped the item via USPS Priority Mail to the domestic shipping location. However, the buyer has just informed me that their local courier has damaged the product. I packaged the item carefully so I am a bit concerned, but my question is: am I responsible for damage incurred by their local courier? That seems completely against the purpose of the GSP. If I am not responsible for that damage, who is? Do they have any recourse for reimbursement?

Update: After some further correspondence with the buyer, here is what I have learned. It seems that their local courier does not have the best customer service nor do they particularly “want” to deliver the package. They are having my buyer pick it up at the facility. Hopefully it is not actually damaged…

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Sounds like someone just wants a free item.

I really don’t know. I have never heard a postal service ask: “we damaged it, do you still want us to deliver it?” I trust the buyer but the situation seems atypical and of course it happens on one of my biggest sales this year.

That blows :confused: sorry man

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You’re in the clear. You followed through on everything you possibly could, you shipped to the US center and as of then the item is basically considered delivered. eBay takes responsibility for the item after it leaves the US center.

That’s interesting.
So if the buyer complains to eBay that the item was damaged, then does eBay ask for the item back? Or do they just refund the buyer without needing the item?

That’s a relief to hear! Do I need to contact eBay up front?

@soulwind From eBay GSP page:

You aren’t responsible for item loss or damage that occurs after the item is forwarded by the US shipping center. Once an item has been forwarded by the US shipping center, you won’t be responsible for refunding the buyer if an eBay Money Back Guarantee or PayPal Purchase Protection case is filed against you for one of the following reasons:
A buyer claims an item isn’t received or
A package is damaged in transit

You should be all good. If the buyer opens a case eBay will deal with them without involving you.

I love you.

But in all serious, thank you so much.

@soulwind Anytime, glad I could help :blush: