Ruby & Sapphire Energy cards

Ruby & Sapphire as by far the most amount of variants in energy cards specifically. Not only is there set marked and non marked variants, add in the addition or retraction of the E-reader logo, copyright dates and then identification codes and it amounts to a rather large and confusing list.
My current goal is to compile the most accurate list to incorporate into my english energy checklist. What I’m asking is if you have any of these cards available it would be great if you could take a slither of spare time to reference my list and help complete or add any missing info.

The history: Cards were released between 2003 and 2006 in this set style. They can either contain the E-reader logo or not. They all contain a 9 character identification code those of which vary between 2 types. While I have some logged in with both types, I am not sure if ALL releases contain both variants…:thinking:

Looking for hard evidence of these variants. If you could post pictures to accompany your information please. Many of you would just have these energies in a shoe box in the back of your cupboard.

If you would like to help please review my spreadsheet HERE

It seems for the most part, the most common code found on any type of energy are as follows with the rarer variant in ():
Grass Energy KZB-KJT-LE8 (KZB-KJT-4UX)
Fighting Energy KUF-7X8-05C (KUF-7X8-E8B)
Water Energy SPN-3D2-6AM (SPN-3D2-7H1)
Psychic Energy YPT-9C9-8NH (YPT-9C9-15C)
Fire Energy FFE-9JT-SUX (FFE-9JT-0PK)
Electric Energy LX4-T8B-BH1 (LX4-T8B-TNH)

Looking specifically for the last 3, 2003 reverse holo standard set release info. They seem to have the rarer code variant as shown in the 3 I have. Cant find any images or info for the other 3.

There are also some anomalies to note:

Fighting Energy Ruby and Sapphire 105/109 2005 - This card is missing the E-Reader Logo © 2005 and Can be found in ExDeoxy/Emerald Theme Decks ? May not exist as these theme decks did not have any fighting types

Grass Energy (Ruby and Sapphire) - 2006 - x FFE-9JT-SUX. This version I have is printed with the Fire code rather than the Grass ?weird?

I found evidence of the 2004 EX Battle Stadium release to have both variants of the Fighting energy, but can not find evidence that all these 2004 cards without the e-reader logo are printed in both formes.
This is the same with the 2005 ExDeoxy/Emerald Theme Decks release and Psychic energy although I have only confirmed this with images online.

Also, bonus points for random question: What are the codes printed? What are they for and why do they only exist in two formats? (I know the character cards can include upto 3 but am only interested in energy cards)

Any help would be greatly appreciated :blush:

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I have a set of reverse Holo, I’m not home atm.

metal energy reverse (MV5-EXE-JGF)
rainbow energy reverse (Y9R-HRF-H6N)
fighting energy reverse (KUF-7X8-E8B)

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Did you know that there are also reverse energies without e-reader symbol? These were released in French & German, but since they use the same word for energy you could see it as an english card.


(dutch website, not mine)


Yes, i am aware of that site.
My key words are “english energy”. Its more of an availability thing but if I ever see any, be sure they will be added.
Thanks for the heads up though.

I just found one, but way overpriced.
But now you have a good picture :wink:


Thank you!
Can you also confirm if the Psychic reverse is 15C?

I don’t know if you are including them, i believe there is a fire and electric energy which are stamped by LLPcollecting with the words merry christmas and a happy new year.

These cards are unofficial but a nice addition. I had an image of the on my NAS box but have found a power spike has killed the drive with it on.

yep it is

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Found them

While they are nice, considering they are just a custom emboss added for a 3rd party company, I will not include them.
Would be a nice add though I doubt I’d ever get my hands on them. As always, thanks for the info though!

Don’t know again if you would include these but what about the energy cards in the world championship decks with the silver edge and different back.

I actually have that on my to-do list as a whole for the master checklist :wink:
As they are essentially reprints of original cards i wouldnt think there is any variations in the factory codes printed to them.

I think i may have scans of a lot of them, i will look through them and see what i have.

I have a LX4-T8B-TNH halo electric energy card

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Heya, don’t know how much this might help after all the time, but here are the few r&s energies i found in my collection…

Thanks for the time you have taken to help. You have confirmed the code for the 2006 UN-numbered version where subsequently the water energy of the same copy-write has the same code. I have only seen that type of discrepancy in one other circumstance.Therefore I have added it to my checklist where if your interested, can find here: Even if it seems small, it is a big contribution :blush:

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