Pokemon English Energy Cards Collectors (Checklist)

Over 1000 unique energy cards catalogued. Want to contribute, message me!
Enjoy :blush:

Last updated: 10/18/2020
A place for users to discuss Energy cards, collections, show additions etc.I started collecting energy cards a few years back as a casual side collection which grew into something bigger.Now I have over 500 unique energy cards released in English! (524@11/22/2020)
So do you collect energy cards too?Which are your favorite?All energy collections are welcome and if you collect energy cards specifically, let us know who you are and share your collection with us, we are indeed a rare breed, Happy Collecting!!!


Not really but I have started collecting the Double Colorless Energies with the stamps International, Oceania, Latin America. They also come with stamps like STAFF, TOP 8 and CHAMPION.

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Enegies with Cosmos foil and the reverse EX foil patterns with the energies myself. Not exclusively, but I have a fair amount.

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I’ve thought about it a few times, and I specifically bought energies on multiple occasions when I came across them cheap. I also have a lot of different ones.

I also like that you can see the difference between German and Dutch base energies by their copyright date. And the same applies to Italian and Portuguese.

One thing I don’t really like is that they lack set symbols pretty often. With only a copyright date they can come from sets, decks, etc. and usually I have no idea which until I search for a long time for slithers of information… Also was some trouble when I was reorganizing my collection binders. And I even have one Sun and Moon energy without set symbol nor copyright date, which really pisses me off… :unamused:

I’ll see if I can take some pictures of the energies I have when all of them are in the binders correctly.

As for your collection. How many do you have? And do you perhaps have a checklist with all of the existing energies? Also, feel free to make a collection thread to show them. It’s an original collection not many other people have/choose to collect.


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I have a bunch but no clue what sets they come from. I assume you have a checklist and maybe with pictures and description? If so you may make a lot of people more interested in this peripheral collection:)


I currently have about 640 individual cards cataloged and my collection of those owned is around 340. Only english but I do grab anything foreign if possible. Will post up a spreadsheet and some pics soon!


I have a good chunk of the promo and unnumbered energies.


I collect the holo energies, not so much non holo.


What are the 5 most valuable energy cards?

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You mean my box of Korean energy might be worth more than $.00?

I collect one’s from battle road tournaments and such. One’s that had limited prints.

Absolutely! about 11.33 won :rofl:

Tbh I would only be guessing because I really dont know, these have been collected from flicking though bins of cards at lgs’s, some ebay purchases and trading. It is only a sub collection to my XY master sets. I would say the latest S&M secret rares, HGSS reverses and maybe the jumbos???

I have added links to the main post for viewing.

Anyone has any questions or help or finds an error or has additions, whatever, just ask!

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What about the super jumbo?

Please enlighten me (unless your talking the 2 jumbos i have listed in my list?)

The 30" tall Fire energy

I only know one Energy error card, which is the Base Set Water Energy, which sometimes has it’s water symbol placed against the card border, instead of property centered. I do also have a severe miscut and Square Cut energy in my collection, though - but like all Square Cuts and Miscuts, they are most likely a close-to-one-of-a-kind-occurrence.

There are also some World Championships autographed Energies that I don’t see in your checklist. And I’m sure there are some more missing.

I also took pictures of all the unique energies in my collection: imgur.com/a/kxP2J
If you have any question about any particular cards or the difference between some, let me know, then I’ll fill you in. :blush:

Btw, do you also have a checklist for the Japanese Energies?

Thanks for sharing the pictures and checklist. Was fun to look through. :blush:


@omahanime means the Fire Energy displayed in this thread.



WOW! That’s super cool!!! Although most probably out of my price range. TCA had one of the winner jumbos on ebay for a bit for $80 I think, then maybe dropped it 60 but I couldn’t justify spending that much (although I dont disagree on its worth) I’m sure that is definitely to rich for my blood although very very cool. Would just need to find a sleeve big enough…Most of my cards I paid 10c for!


No I do not, sorry. English is hard enough to wrap my head around in some areas such as the D&P era as there are so many variants.

I know about the WC cards and didnt include them as well as Trainer kit cards because they are sort of easier to come by through a bulk or easy purchase (well newer releases anyways). (personal issue but yes they should be included)

Initially I wasnt going to worry about smaller variants like with base set, (C) differences, 1st ed and stuff but I easily got a hold of a handful. Variants like errors or missing borders etc don’t really bother me, though I would never say no.

I love the e-Series reverses you have and the miss-cut grass energy with BRP supporter is cool :blush:

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