Roaring skies or evolutions booster box

Hey guys, so I have a chance now to buy maybe 3 booster boxes to sit on for investment purposes but I don’t know which set is better to invest in seeing that roaring skies is now retailing at the regular release price. I know about diversification and that I should buy booster boxes from each set (roaring skies and evolutions) but let’s say I can only buy one booster box. What are you opinions? Would you buy one roaring skies booster box or one evolutions booster box?

I’d go with evolutions cause it’s more familiar for the people who aren’t that into the TCG and just want a rush of nostalgia. I think the potential for customers is bigger with evolutions than with roaring skies.

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If you want them solely for investment purposes in hoping to flip for a profit in the future, i’d say save your money and don’t get either. I can see roaring skies going back up a bit and maybe settling at $130-$150 eventually. But since TPC decided it was okay to reprint an ‘out of print’ set I think it’s hard to determine if they will or will not reprint evolutions again eventually. In that case the price will just drop again and level out at retail. It’s a risky investment I think and personally I prefer to put my money where I know it will increase in value. Save a couple more bucks and invest in WOTC boxes or even EX series boxes if you want to sit on anything for a while, plus they’re a lot cooler imo :wink: Hope this helps


Thanks this is really really great and I think you’re right at the fact that TPC reprinted an ‘out of print’ set would really make people reconsider their decision about buying newer booster boxes. Will definitely consider buying EX boxes as I grew up with Pokemon from the EX series. Thanks :blush:

That’s a great way of thinking especially when there are so many boxes being opened everyday and soon there will be less of them compared to other sets. I already know people from YouTube that are sitting on 20 cases of them. Evolutions carry nostalgic value in them but those people that grew up during the base set would either want the original base set or something from the original era. I think evolutions fits better into the XY era for people who want to feel like their opening a base set box. But this is all just my opinion as I did not grow up with the base set so maybe someone who actually did could let me know what is the impact of the release of the Evolutions set.

Yeah after pokematt’s insight I’d go with pokematt’s advice as well. It’s probably a more reliable investment given the reprint mess. And as more and more old boxes are opened up by youtubers for their videos, value will increase significantly.

As for the people wanting original base set, I know people who got back into it because of evolutions despite not being into pokemon all that much or at all in between the original sets and evolutions. It’s being marketed pretty well, and you can probably help your own marketing as well if you make a nice stock image (showing off potential pulls like charizard or whatever) and a good auction title. But it’s riskier as pokematt pointed out.

I also wouldn’t buy either, roaring skies will take a really really long time to regain the value it had and everyone and their nan is sat on at least one box of evolutions, it will be readily available for some time. Wotc or ex series are the ones to look out for.