first booster box advice?

I recently got interested in collecting some cards and i want to a buy a box, I only collect and I dont play. I had alot of OG base set cards back in the day when I was younger ect… Anyways I wanna know what would be best option for a good box for pulls ect. I only got around $100 to spend. A guy recommended roaring skies because shayim ex goes for around $40 on ebay. ect let me know your opinions?


I would think a Flashfire booster box would be a better investment. Those Charizards are quite expensive right now.

Flashfire! Do it.

ok depending on the price, can someone link me a good place to buy a box?

Depends on what Pokemon you like. Most booster boxes from BW through the most recent XY sets can be obtained for around $100 (excluding Dark Explorers). Chances are your favorite Pokemon were printed in at least one set. Also keep in mind that booster boxes are fickle. Flashfire, for example, is an amazing set, but you can also get stuck with a box of Toxicroaks and Kangaskhans and get no Charizards.

Some of my favorite sets include Roaring Skies and Primal Clash. It’s hard to have a dud box out of those sets. If you’re looking for a fun opening (and not so much card value) Legendary Treasures is probably the best set to open. The ratios out of there are insane.

For any box you buy, eBay is probably your best bet. You can browse and compare by cost, shipping, and feedback. Some places offer free expedited shipping (within the US) for booster boxes, and I’ve always appreciated that. But you should never pay over $100 shipped for any recent box.


Ok roaring skies it is!!

ALso man if you get into the japanese stuff you could get 4-5 Booster BOXES shipped with 100USD. :blush:

Yeah not really into that but it makes sense why theres tons of randoms out there who dont even speak japanese that buy those lol.
why is it so cheap?
english is what im getting,

this one looks good.

That’s a reputable seller at a good price. I’d go for it. As for Japanese collecting, a couple main reasons I can think of off the top of my head for why people collect Japanese:

  • Sets come out approx. 3 months before the English ones do
  • Booster boxes are much less expensive - less worthless commons and uncommons
  • Card quality is vastly superior

Why’s it cheap:

  • 20 packs, 5 cards/pack (Japanese) vs. 36 packs, 10 cards/pack (English)
  • 3-4 EX cards/box (Japanese) vs. 5-7 EX cards/box (English)
  • Not guaranteed a full art in a Japanese box
  • Japanese cards not competition-legal in the US

oh i see, coolio.

I recommend Japanese. Better quality cards and sometimes exclusive promos.