Reviewing the Palms Off Gaming PSA/CGC Storage Box

Hey guys. This was first mentioned ages ago in an old thread I can no longer find when @funmonkey54 first mentioned he was working on bringing it to the states from the land of Kangaroos (Australia). As soon as he posted that it was here I went and bought one and did a review for it. Do you need something this nice to hold PSA or CGC slabs? No, but it does a damn good job and looks sexy at the same time.

Definitely need to put Southern Island cards in this thing. Just asking for it!

Full review below for how it looks, feels and compares to a pelican case. Enjoy.


Wish you could get the Gold one in Australia :slightly_frowning_face:

I emailed them and they said it’s US exclusive

… it’s made in Australia!!!


It’s a regional varient. You want the gold stamp, gotta pay up


I keep my Vinyl on one side and my cardboard on the other. Obviously not nearly as mobile lol.

It’s also $100 more than the Palms Off box, probably part of why it’s such a big deal to get these.

great product and great storage capabilities. Only reason I didn’t buy a grip of them is the huge tacky logo. I wish it had been a more subtle design


Its made in china…

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Appreciate the honest review!

A few notes on things I’ve heard:

RE: Shipping Costs - the product is heavy. Combined with its size, it actually is just expensive to ship. You can get a case of them shipped domestically with a better per-item cost, but most people just want one. The minimum threshold for packages is climbing in price every year. But if we can find a way to get it lower, we will.

RE: Logo Size - Heard! It’s in collaboration with Palms Off and this is the same size and style they use on all of their products. So I’m not sure how much room there is to work on that. But I’ll send the feedback their way!

RE: US Exclusivity - Darcy has a global vision and his products are good enough to deserve love all over. For every one product here, there are 20 in Australia. So you’re still winning! Haha. But if you do really want one, TRA Collective imported a bunch and if you donate $50 to their current charity project with the Kids Help Hotline, you can purchase one at their cost to import them. It’s going to be super expensive compared to what you’re used to, but it’s also supporting an awesome cause.


Great review! Thanks!

I actually like the logo haha I only wish they sold them in Europe as well. Maybe one day :blush:

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Apart from the appearance, are there any differences between the limited edition and the unlimited edition?
Maybe the limited edition has a better felt?
Got mine yesterday and I am kinda dissapointed with the felt… I thought it would be softer and spongier, but i’m still happy overall as it does a great job.

me who has like 8 PSA cards

hm yes I see it’s good for big storage


I bought the OG case back when it first started :DD


Just got mine in the mail the other day. Really like it!

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Might have to pick one of these up after my cards come back from PSA in a few years.

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I bought 2 that finally arrived yesterday (which I paid the same amount postage that I did for them haha) but honestly worth it. Kinda wish I’d known/waited for the black and gold limited edition version as I seen Charlie announce that literally a week or so after I ordered mine lol.


@celestial Dragon Where do I get these? Or any case similar

Discount code: TCA5

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@mcorey777 , I got it from their official website. I prefer the green text.

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Why do they have the fake view count and items sold per hour.
Refresh the page and those numbers keep increasing and decreasing.

Def legit site and it’s where I bought my box and some semi rigids too lol