Reslab Question

Hey all…took this mew as a partial trade/cash deal. Pwcc shipped it without much protection and the corner of the slab arrived cracked. The card also looks to have some underlying damage to the back right corner. If I send this in to get Reslabbed you think they will downgrade the card? Imo this is more of a six now…Does financial guarantee apply to this?

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The standard is they don’t regrade for a recase. The only time I had a regrade on a recase was when there was a massive crack through the middle. I would imagine for a chip like that it shouldn’t require a regrade.


Do you see the two lips on the bottom corner? Super hard to capture but here’s a couple more pics:

Also I didn’t mention before…this is currently a PSA 10

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Ooof, more like was a PSA 10

Man… why is this a trend with PSA? Just got a reholdered PSA 10 Japanese Jungle Flareon and there’s a brand new scratch on the back surface.


It is possible that this card was originally misgraded. If you disagree with the PSA 10 grade (I would), send it in for the Authenticity Guarantee. They’ll solve two problems with one submission: 1) New slab, and 2) New (true) grade.

You’ll also receive a check for the difference in market value when they downgrade the card.

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On the card or the case?

The card unfortunately

They have cave men re-slabbing cards apparently. It’s honestly not that hard to crack without damaging a card :man_facepalming:. I understand accidents happen, but not at the rate PSA is currently damaging re-holder subs.

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It’s kind of baffling. I’m more than happy to be a consultant for them, and to show them the very sophisticated tools I use when cracking slabs.

Have yet to damage a card, just let me know who to send my invoices to.


Not gonna reholder any slabs anymore, even if there is a big piece of lint in the case.
Really feels bad for those who got their cards damaged by PSA.


Have some cards I want to reholder at some point and its rough hearing these horror stories. Hopefully it goes smoothly when I don and you get everything worked out here.

I’ve wondered if PSA has some sort of top secret method for cracking out cards or if they just have guys going at them with pliers and a flathead.

They use two rocks the size of a baseball to crack the slab, a blindfold to protect their eyes from shrapnel, and then pick your card from the debris with steel wool gloves.


Grade wise that sort of damage can be found on plenty of 10s out there I have some myself.

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Better than my hammer I suppose