Regular Service Level Time for PSA?

I sent in an express level order around a month or so ago. This order took around 2.5 weeks for total turnaround. However, this time I am contemplating sending at the regular service level. Does anyone have experience within the last month utilizing the regular service level? If so, what type of time frame have you experienced?

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My 3-card regular order was received by PSA on 11/22, entered into the system on 11/24, and is now in the grading stage. Very quick so far. Based on the 25-day turnaround time, I was expecting a much longer wait. So I guess the potential exists for a quicker turnaround, though I wouldn’t expect it.

Sent mine in and it turned out to be around the same time. Arrived Friday, marked delivered on Tuesday, and inputted into the system today.

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That’s great! Mine’s been in the grading stage for about a week now. Hoping it gets bumped to Assembly soon.

How does “regular order” compare to “bulk submission orders” that were placed around the summer?

Asking cause I’ve been waiting since June.

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Regular is way faster. Bulk seems to take an upwards of half a year at this point. Regular was supposed to take around a month in their possession, sometimes 2. Eco takes at least 2, usually 3. And bulk, god, who knows. Eternity.

Here is how my Regular service level order went:

Arrived: 11/30/20
Entered: 12/03/20
Shipped: 01/04/21 (Hasn’t shipped yet, but have the grades)

So overall it took around twice the time as my express orders. Not as long as I expected so that finish time is a nice surprise.

So it took about a month, which is much better than the estimated 25 business days.

Hey man, shouldn’t you be the one giving answers in this thread?

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Yeah man. It is such crap. You would think there’s, y’know, an order…? NOPE!

What is “bulk”


I’m still waiting for 25 cards from May/June time!
Never mind all the cards I’ve sent since :joy:!
Anyway great news if things are speeding up a bit though I can’t see how considering submissions have increased dramatically.


How many cards -over 50?


They used to be a required member 100+ card sub. Looks like things are changing and you can do 20+. Idk what they are doing anymore.

But it is eternity.


And the final product depends on some dudes mood that day. Can’t win



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Luckiest man on the forum


I have a regular order that was entered on 11/24/20 and shipped on 12/21/20

I also have an express order that was entered 12/1/20 that still hasn’t shipped. It definitely seems like a crap shoot sometimes.

I sent express on the 16th October, not back yet. Supposedly around 15 weeks just to register them at PSA XD

You are referring to the $75 per card that has an estimated 15 business day turnaround time? If that’s the case there is definitely something off with your order. I sent several submissions at around the same date as you at the “Express” level and they were back in less than 3 weeks.