Rayquaza printing error

So if you look between the spikes of my Rayquaza there is a error of some sort. I wasn’t sure if this was a common defect on all Star Rayquazas because I couldn’t find any info online. When I was sending it in I was worried it would ruin the grade but it didn’t. Does anyone know anything about this?

That little thing between it’s ears? What is it exactly? I can’t tell by the pictures.

Looks like a flaw in the foil.

I don’t know. It isn’t a dent or anything like that. I noticed it when I pulled it. It just shines in the right light.
Here is picture right out of the pack.

Some foil cards have little spots where the shine doesn’t match up with the rest of the holo. Idk why it happens but I’ve got a few cards with that. Not sure if this is the same thing tho.

Well I guess what I am asking is does this imperfection mean the grade doesn’t match up with the card?

If it’s not a scratch or a dent then idk why they would hold it against you. It did get a 9.5 surface grade tho so maybe that’s why they took off the .5?