Rayquaza/ Darkrai EX BW47/6 2012 PSA 10 Population 1


My name is Connor and I’m a keen observer of your forum, as it has many knowledgeable members but until now I’ve not had the courage to introduce myself, hopefully I can become a contributor to this knowledge base. I am a PSA Pokemon collector (like many of your here), and would like your input on a recent return I have received,

As the title states it is ‘Rayquaza EX BW47 2012 PSA 10’ and ‘Darkrai EX BW46 2012’, now these cards only have a population of 1, I am wondering is it because the cards are hard to get at this grade or whether other graders just haven’t seen the value in them to get many graded?

The PSA Certification is - 25210127/ 25210129


Your thoughts would be much appreciated,

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I know that the Ray was usually off centered pretty badly.

(If you want to sell it hit me up :stuck_out_tongue: )


Thanks for the reply, I want to better gauge value first before consider selling, I just threw these cards in, I am mainly a WOTC collector, well that and Rocket Returns, I’ve done some research, only 9 ever graded, I guess the value of this particular card is whatever someone is willing to pay currently,

I’ll let you know if I do decide to sell!


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I think not many of these have been graded as they are tin promos and not overly rare. Not many people collect the tin promos as they’re usually just reprinted cards that often have better artwork/full art print in another set. The tin promos aren’t usually too appealing (at least to me), so that probably contributes to the low population.

That being said, tin promos have quality issues (like every English card nowadays) and a PSA 10 is an amazing grade to receive. Congrats! Even as pop 1s, I’d put the value around maybe $65-75 each.


That was my suspicion, that the card itself isn’t very collectible, quite a beautiful card though, thanks for the reply and valuation, I’ll have to consider my options, Also side note what does a PSA 10 1st edition Espeon from Neo Discovery go for? Sorry completely off but I cannot seem to find one on flee-bay!