Price Check/Value on PSA 10 English FA and SR

Hello. I know that newer cards are not as valuable as older cards graded a 10 but I know that they are hard to get 10s. I’m sure as they get older more people will send these cards in and we could possibly see more 10s but I’m curious what you guys value my cards.

PSA 10 English Full Art
Professor Juniper
NV Victini
NV virizion
EPO Thundurus

PSA 10 English BW Secret Rares
Rayquaza 128
Charizard 137
PB Random Receiver
PB Dusknoir
PB eggxecute
PB Vrizion
PB Rare Candy
PF Garchomp
PF Max Potion
PF ultra ball (only 1)
DEX pokemon Catcher (Only 1)
DEX Archeops
NV Meowth x2

Thanks for the help.

To be honest, there’s absolutely no telling.

There is no real established market for PSA graded, modern-era English Pokemon cards. So few are bought and sold. The only way for you to find out values on many, if not all, of these cards is to actually auction them off and set the price yourself. In particular, anything that you can identify in your collection as the only one of that you graded personally is an obvious example as none have been sold for obvious reasons.

You may have a gold mine. You may have a money sink. There’s just no telling.

Haha ingot really excited when I read gold mine then you crushed my dreams. Auction is definitely a way to tell how much it’s worth but I’m not a fan of a auctions.

After I call ebay and increase my selling limit I might list up some cards to get a feel for their values. Only time will tell if others even want them graded or if down the road like gold stars they take off in value.

Are highly produced but also hard ky get 10’s, I think you are gonna be in for it later on :blush:

I grade English BW/XY Era FA/SR as well.

I have no intentions to sell most of the ones I have at this time. I am getting them graded now while they are easy to pull myself and I will store them for the future/my collection. It has proven quite difficult to get 10s on a lot of the FA/SR cards from the BW era, because the whole BW era was quite poorly cut for the most part and a lot of cards already had wear on them when people pulled out of the pack.

If you can find people who are willing to pay decent amounts for them, then sell them on. But as @funmonkey54 said there is really no way of accurately gauging the value of most of these cards at this time.

If you have a conversation about this in 5 years time there will most likely be some sort of baseline value for a lot of these.

EDIT: I just recognised your name, it’s me howaboutreefiddy from youtube.

Don’t be too down! Cards that were/are incredibly playable often hold high value in PSA 10. I would personally list these cards at modest but profitable BIN prices. I don’t see them auction very high, but it isn’t too hard to fetch $80 or more on some of these (sometimes English FA/UR hit the $200 mark).

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