Charizard EX 276/XY-P Questions

Hi, does anyone know the print run for this card? And also the print quality?

On PSA’s population report there are 1,438 graded with 1,297 getting 10s which is 90% of them.

Would it be worth buying a PSA 9 if 90% of the cards graded are 10s? Are these rare cards?

& if presumably the print quality of raw/sealed is expected to be a 10?

Card for reference

Thank you.

I don’t know about the print quantity but the quality is pretty obvious if 90% are getting a psa 10 in my opinion


No idea the print run, but they were quite available for a long time when the artbook came out. I remember selling them in 10 for like $100 or something. Print quality was insanely good, sealed promos and not being churned out like these days imo.

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So 1 for $10?

Damn it. At the moment it seems to be selling for $400-$750.

The PSA 9 on the PSA website says it’s worth $500 compared to $1000 for the PSA 10 - but the last update they have for the card is in January 2022. I don’t know why it’s so outdated.

Don’t stick to PSAs price guide. It’s almost always wrong (or out of date as you note). As to your original question…not a rare card and quality was very high. Check for recent comps on eBay and pwcc. Comically enough, $500 might be right for this in a 9 but I haven’t seen one that wasn’t a 10 in a really long time


This is a cool card, I’ve never seen this one before!

It’s a pretty common card with good print quality, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you’re concerned about the market side of it. Great exclusive art on a Charizard card also means there’s a ton of demand for the card and they trade very frequently, so it’s always pretty easy to find a buyer or seller to meet you at “fair market value.”

If you’re new to grading and specifically want a 10, I’d advise against buying a sealed copy, as you’re very likely to get burned by a dent or corner crease. Here’s a sampling of recent PWCC sales to give you an idea of pricing.


Thanks, I guess even if it was common then, it’s nowhere near those prices anymore lol.

Yeah I checked 130point but there are no 9s in the last few months - and since 90% of graded are 10s, well that’s probably why.

Is a pop, of 1200+ considered a lot?

Yeah, the reason I’m asking about a 9 is because there is one being sold locally and it’s a 9 (don’t live in the US) so I’m wondering if it’s good to buy or just wait for a 10 somehow.

@kevinertia thanks! As above, the reason I was asking about a 9 going for about $530-545 was because locally (not in US) there’s one being sold for around that amount. But, I was just wondering whether or not it would be a good buy given that 90% of the pop. are 10s - given at x2 the price though.

And if quality is really good then I assume the 10 pop will continue to rise albeit slowly since it’s been 6 years already.

If you are more comfortable with the price level of a PSA 9, I would say go ahead and get it! The differences between Japanese PSA 9s and 10s are so minuscule, almost imperceptible.

I would ask yourself, “Why do I want to purchase this card?.” Is it to sell in the future or is it to hold in your collection? If it is the former, I would suggest a PSA 10. If it is the latter, I would suggest whatever you feel most comfortable with spending.


That really depends. Is this card an “investment” for you (meaning you care more about the value increasing rather than owning the card outright) or is this something you really want for your collection? Something in between? Will the difference in price (about $500 difference) force you to make hard decisions in your current lifestyle?

Generally speaking as an investment, if a card overwhelmingly grades a 10, you want to own the 10. Unless it is super rare (which this isn’t), collectors/investors in the future will want the 10.

If you just want to own the card for yourself with hopes it holds value, a 9 is obviously fine. A mint card with one or two minor flaws is still great to look at and this card is great to look at in general.


It’s for the collection, but only because it’s available now and also cheaper I suppose. But in the future, if I wanted to get a 10, I don’t know if anyone would want a 9 haha. Wouldn’t want to get it twice.

@pokecollectoramy I would like to own the card, but I also want the value to be maintained because eventually would like to get a 10. So I suppose that’s the dilemma, because as you said others would probably want 10s as well since it’s 90% 10s. And I am assuming, but I could be wrong, that if the number of 10s keep increasing then the 9 would drop in price in comparison since why get a 9 when it’s more common to find/get a 10? (Beyond the price differences)

It sounds like you should purchase the PSA 10. Saving money to buy it will feel very satisfying when it finally arrives at your doorstep. At the end of the day, any grade will look great in your collection. I wouldn’t worry so much about the future value of the card - it will drive you nuts. :laughing:

A raw one I was just watching sold for 600

Love this card. Really wish I bought more than one. These were so cheap before 2020. Bought my PSA 10 for around $50 then.

These aren’t too rare and always seem to be available so I don’t see the price going up anytime soon.

I personally wouldn’t buy any sealed copies. Even if it looks mint, it could have a dent. I’d guess there is a higher chance for damage from sealed copies now since people probably kept those ones sealed.

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Agree with Dyl. Buy the 10. We are speculating but if you want it anyways it’ll be worth waiting for and you won’t be satisfied with the 9

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I’ve been seeing raw/sealed copies sell for over $500 in Japan recently. Though tbf, I haven’t checked in maybe 4 months. I know I saw several sell at 50k yen when the yen was still stronger, then it spiked to like 80k+ yen. And now it seems to have come back a little.

Overall though, you can’t find raw/sealed ones even in Japan for below 50k yen. A 9 at $500 seems like a good deal.

Not sure where exactly you live, but if it’s Europe and you also don’t have to pay VAT and shipping to get it, then it’s an exceptional deal honestly.

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