Rare cards ultimate list

Assuming there’s not one already as I’ve not managed to find it myself, I’d appreciate some help in making a list of all (as many as possible) ‘rare cards’. Instead of arguing what a rare card is, I mean anything with a low/extremely limited distribution number (art academy falls into this) or is just worth a ridiculous amount in the first place. Special distribution methods also count. If you know a rough market value on the card (mint/ psa 10/ BGS 10/ BGS 9.5/ in plaque), add that as well.

Hopefully this will be a good resource in the future, but I’ll also be using it as my ‘wants list’ :stuck_out_tongue:. I’ll create an ordered, structured list in this post which I’ll update accordingly.

A good start would be a list of all the different tournament and trophy cards as I’ve not managed to find such a list yet. I.e. ones which came in plaques etc.

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I saw that, which is what gave me the idea. I’m not looking for the #1 rarest card, but more over a list of cards that top/ high-end collectors would want. Something that when someone else sees, would say “wtf is that?” sort of thing. Not just the set of secret rares from a released set, but trophy cards, fan club promos (think eevee, umbreon star etc). That sort of thing. If nothing else it’s a full list of not very well known cards for reference.

I’ve made a start to the list, but have an exam today. Once I’m back I’ll edit it in. I’ll be using that thread as a start (female trainer for example!).

Just to give you an idea. I’m looking forward to seeing this list.

It’s hard to give you what you want because you started out with Trophy cards, but your last post has Fan club cards. Defining what is considered rare would be a great start. For now I’ll give you some Trophy cards and Prize cards from the original era.

Pika 1, 2, 3 - 4 of each

Kangaskhan Parent Child Prize
Kamex Computer Error
Pika 1,2,3 (technically there’s two versions of these but I’ll put the other under 1999 like they are for labeling purposes) - 14 each
Illustrator -

Pika 1,2,3 -15 each
SSB 1,2,3- 3 each
TMB 1,2,3 - 3 each
Tropical Wind -90 (think this is the correct number)
Phone Cards
Snap Cards -10 each
Non Glossy Bilingual Exegutor -36ish

Bilingual Lucky Stadium -42
No.1 Male - 17
No.1 Female - 3
No.2 Male - 19
No.2 Female: 1
No.3 Male - 20
No.3 Female - 0
Champion Road Prize cards

I’m stopping at this point, I don’t do too much collecting past the 2000 era and I won’t pretend to know much about it.


Thanks, cullers. I’ll work those in - exactly the sort of thing I’m looking for. If you have rough values on them, or know pop counts that would be awesome information as well.

By rare, I’ll stick by my ‘definition’ “I mean anything with a low/extremely limited distribution number (art academy falls into this) or is just worth a ridiculous amount in the first place. Special distribution methods also count.”. Fan club falls under special distribution methods.

Special distribution methods going to make the list rediculous, you’re opening up Maskai cards, '97 Bandai Special Promo cards, Jumbo cards, Prereleases, stamped cards, etc… It’s hard to distinguish the cut off line with that definition.

I’ll throw some known numbers into my orginal post, but they will be from the top of my head and I know some of them will be off. I encourage anyone to correct me.

A faded copy of the 1997 pika bronze popped up recently. I will throw things.

Yep, it’s in my local store. Went to buy it for someone but it wasn’t for sale in the end.

@cullers: In my opinion '99 masakis should be included due to their distrib. method as it’s not something that general, new collectors would know about. In short, anything released outside of standard sets, that is ‘worthwhile posting’. Now the definition of what is ‘worthwhile posting’ is of course ambiguous, and will vary from one person to the other, but if someone brings something up we can go on a case-by-case basis whether or not it’s worth adding. If it’s worth less than $5 each, it’s probably fair to see they’re not ‘rare’ or ‘special’ enough to be added to the list. I’m mainly hoping this list becomes something that people can look at later on to see how their collection fairs in comparison to high end cards, and simply as a one-stop page for information on more lesser known cards, instead of having to search individually for everything.

Very well.

Asobikata Jigglypuff
Asobikata Pikachu

Bandai Jumbo Raichu (not intended for release)
Bandai Special Mail in promo cards - roughly 5000 each
JR Rally Surfing Pikachu/lilipad mew
Toyota auto campaign Pikachu

ANA dragonite/pikachu? IDK if these would qualify or not, they aren’t that expensive

Tropical Present Jumbo fan club card
Gray Star Corocoro pika/jiggly
Masaki promo cards - we have counts on these but I don’t remeber them
Ancient Mew (three versions)
ANA Articuno Pikachu Moltres Zapdos
Pokemon Valley Corocoro Jumbo
Riding on Lapras CD promo
Rocket’s Mewtwo CD promo
Grand Party Trainer

E3 Red Cheeks Pikachu
Poketour Pikachu
Prerelease Clefable
Trainer Deck A cards
Trainer Deck B cards
Inverted WB stamp cards (do we count error cards?)

New Years Present Jumbo Fan club promo
World Hobby Fair cards
Fan club Eevee, Shining Magikarp, Porygon
New Centry Present Jumbo Fan club promo
Dance! Neo Imakuni? CD promo

There’s also cards like toyota arcanine, but they are exactly the same as cd arcanine but if they’re sealed their value is higher, idk how you treat cards like that.


The source I always use for the rarest/most valuable cards is the Unnumbered Promo Cards on bulbapedia. This is a solid overall source.