Questionaire: Unique Cards

Ive recently just sent a large lot off to be graded; expenses accounting, will definatley let my psa membership expire after their return.


I’d like to be able to search for something moderately rare and unknown. So that there’s a longer gap between purchases (complete transparency)

Below is a list of sets/promos I’m aware of and own(*or want).

I’ve basically adapted a taste for anything on the ‘Unnumbered Promos’ list from bulbepedia.

QUESTION: What have I missed? Any suggestions?

Trainer Mag (*1 through whatever is before the t-promos. 14 i think…)
Natta Wake*
Vending (2*)
McD Millinium set*
Base-Skyridge (crys celebi and ho-oh*)
Jr Rally*
Trade plz
Neo promo sets
Zorua Illus
lvl X’s japanese
B&W ex’s japanese 1st
Gold Star japanese (*umbreon & espeon)
Pal City

Not 100% positive what your intention is here, but I’ll try my best. You’re looking to classify cards into certain sets and then collect those?

Definitely the ones you have so far in my opinion: Masaki, GameBoy, Trainer Mag, Natta Wake, CoroCoro, Asobikata etc.

I would add the Fan Club trio of Eevee, Porygon and Shining Magikarp as they are really great to strive for.

Apart from that, it might be cool to collect the Quick Starter Gift Set holo set (The three legendary birds, Scyther, and master ball). The quick starter set is pretty tough to come by but the cards are absolutely beautiful. I would also be inclined to add the Toyota folder (the Pikachu is a real gem, and Arcanine), I see you already have the JR cards (Surfing Pikachu and Lilypad Mew) in a category.

OH and don’t forget the ANA cards, Grand Party, and especially the Lucky Stadium set :blush:

What cbd said! Also the “Special Cards” are pretty unique with really nice designs you don’t see nowadays:

yes thanks exactly what I was talking about - it was a kinda difficult question to ask without typing every single set/series/promo i was aware and deducing from there lol

DEFINITELY want the fan club trio. i have none. the porygon is amazing, and imakuni is the illus.

eevee and magikarp, also extremley valued wants of mine.

top want is most likely the university magkarp. its just the sweetest artwork too

and luckily i found the red and green quick starter sets not too long ago - i got an opened box for $80 - cards were mint

someone got the sealed one for 120 i think - i wanted those holos though, and didn’t want to buy 2

and no, actually i dont have those JR cards - high want though, it would be nice to see the whole set up for auction once…

Thanks for you ideas though, I guess I have so much on the ‘back burner’ i considered it not worth trying

I have only looked these up once, and have never seen them for sale, they’re Jumbos right? ho-oh celebi and a gyarados? something like that

Never been into jumbos just for ignorance on how to store them, but these deserve an attempt at discovery - very unique art and production


Glad I could help :blush: and yes the jumbo fan club postcards are well worth it, the artwork is superb.

One more suggestion; the Champion road gold embossed cards. There’s the two berries and the gold star set of Chikorita, Totodile, and Cyndaquil. The gold star starter trio are tough to find but will fit well with what you’re collecting.

And yes the Unikarp is one of my favourites actually :blush:

Oh and you got an awesome deal on that quick starter set! I picked up that sealed one :wink: that was one of the best deals I’ve encountered recently.