Question about PSA grading SCORE cards for DBZ Dragon Ball Z

If you check eBay you can see that there are now a few PSA graded score cards from Dragon Ball Z. I know quite a few people had been wondering if PSA was grading these cards yet or not.

I sent an e-mail to the guy who has the current ones on eBay and he said all he did was send them in. He didn’t do anything special… but they did send back one of the cards ungraded.

Does anyone have anymore info on this? I have never sent cards into PSA without sending it through another service…does this mean I could send some through Ludkins?

Yes, send them in through Ludkins (assuming they take dbz.

You should ask the guy what card wasn’t graded and why (what designation). Then we can help figure it out.

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They said the card that they wouldn’t grade was Frieza the Master.

PSA claimed they did not have enough information on the card.

I don’t understand how they would not have enough on this card yet enough on some of the others… it is an UR (Ultra Rare) just like some of the other cards they graded.

From the exact same set?

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Frieza the Master was from the Frieza saga which came out in 2000.

He had a Trunks, Time Hero card which is from a different set that came out in 2001, that they did grade.

Actually after looking at a bunch of the Frieza the Master cards on eBay a lot of them have a date of 2003 instead of the 2000 which I do not understand, maybe he sent in one of the 2003’s and they didn’t think it was authentic since the card games “sets/sagas” follow the shows timeline so it wouldn’t make sense for a Frieza Saga card to have a date later than a Trunks Saga card… I really do not know.

I still think it is cool they are grading some of them at least.

The 2003 is the GKI version. The GKI URs come in two types of numbers–they can be numbered UR# or just numbered what they are in the set. Since the foil patterns for the GKI URs is the Frieza Saga pattern, the only way to tell whether a set-numbered Frieza, the Master or Super Saiyan Goku is a set UR or GKI UR is the year (2000 for set URs, 2003 for GKI URs).

I sent in a Champion Drill and a Goku the Galaxy’s Hero after seeing those auctions. They were received in by PSA this morning- will update results when I hear back.

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How did you go?

Anyone grade any score DBZ cards lately?

Soooo, has anyone sent any DBZ Score cards lately? seems like pop report is pretty much showing every set now.

I have come across 100 foil cards in booster fresh condition which i have purchased. will look at sending to PSA.

Just send to beckett if PSA denies them. Beckett has done some already from the score sets.

So did PSA.
PSA has graded the Gold Foil Saiyan Saga Wrapper Redemption promo’s in the past and I think some promos. I have contacted them I think last year about autographs and they can only authenticate Sean Schemmel.

I got so damn much Score cards left (full foil sets, majority of the promo sets, even a bunch of Ultra Rares) it’s something that never will happen. None of the cards are in mint condition any more or have any value. Nobody is gonna buy a PSA5 or 6 GenCon Worlds 2001 Stamped Goku’s Dashing Punch (which without the stamp is the most over printed promo ever in the tcg) .

Something that will never happen? What are you on about? They’re grading set cards. Look at the pop report.

An eBay listing for $119 is not a confirmed sale. I got 6 of these Piccolo’s in my binder. And the “POP 1” is a ‘valid’ reason for people to add a big premium. Cards like the Trunks High Tech from the Redemption, Champions Drill, Victorious, Victorious Drill and the Uber Rares, yes. Those probably will cash big. But I mainly refereed to my own binder, probably only 60% of them are in PSA9 quality, and many are just foil commons. And I doubt many of my promos etc. will fetch $100+.

DBZ CCG never was a popular TCG but yet it’s still played by a lot of people (within my former play group, we still have almost 60 decks. Decks will all staples cards, decked out with foils when possible. Uber and Ultra Rares every where) and slapping them in PSA will destroy that for people. DBZ CCG just doesn’t have the art appeal (maybe come of the CCPP/IR promos/Tuff Enuff and Redemption High Techs) like Dragon Ball Super TCG has to bring in the big bucks.

Cool, i thought you meant psa grading score cards will never happen, I was trying to say,it appears they already are grading them.

I have been speaking to PSA and have confirmation they are grading all score DBZ cards (with the exception of promos).

As a result, i have been acquiring foil copies of these cards and just find myself in a trance,the foils score produced just look amazing, especially rare foils which would have unique patterns. Will be sending in a nice sub in near future.

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I would love to see some pictures when you get them back. I am actually the original starter of this thread, didn’t realize you could rename your account those months ago!

I have been trying to acquire some score cards as well! Exciting news they are grading all but the promos!!!

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for sure, no problems. very keen to get them out. the foils are just wonderful. Happy collecting. What have you acquired, planning to send to PSA?

Awesome that these are getting graded; I might send some in as well.

Also I’d love to buy a Limited Edition Goku, the Unbeatable if anybody has one for sale. It’s the only UR I’m missing to complete the set of Limited Edition URs.

I sent away 9 of the URs a few years ago, when I was feverishly into collecting them.
They were sent back ungraded and I can’t remember the specific designation, but it said that there wasn’t enough information.

I have been emailing them. They will grade all score sets except for promos and gki (2003 UR set) semt them photos of cards and they said no problems.